jordyn - just who God made her!

my beautiful, sweet, darling daughter who will be turning four years old in just about 2 weeks has the most outlandish means of creativity that i have ever seen. in fact my husband and I often shake our heads and laugh at her and all that she gets into. she also has the most amazing personality ~ by amazing i mean she can be as sweet as pie and in two seconds she can be up to no good. she amazes us. and God amazes us in who He made her to be.

jordyn is a pretty laid back little girl, she has this sweet little voice and these big beautiful brown eyes that display her emotions. she has this full head of bouncy brown curls, her hair is a lot like her personality, which can also be a big mess too!!! she isn't the neatest child on the block, she likes to take out all of her toys and refuse to pick them up because as she will say in her own words "it will take too long to clean all of this mess up". she likes to drop things, like her food, on the floor as she is eating. yesterday, she kept flinging little honey smacks on the floor, really for no reason.

creative medium #1: fingerpainting

when she was about 2 years old, she began this horrible nasty means of creativity that absolutely drove me crazy. she was potty trained and just wearing diapers or pull ups at nap time or bed time. she became fascinated by fingerpainting with the contents of her diaper. and when i mean finger painting, i mean everywhere, from the walls, to the bed, to the carpet, to the rolling pin from her kitchen set and even as far as into a baby doll's mouth. a complete huge mess! this went on for quite awhile, not everyday but here and there over a few months. i was about to pull my hair out. i was never so glad when she stopped doing this.

creative medium #2: scissors

about two months ago she became fascinated with scissors and a few times she would get a hold of scissors that were out and cut up paper or napkins. i hid the scissors out of fear of her cutting something important. one day she asked if she could cut paper. so i gave her a stack of paper and told her to go to town, reminding her that we do not cut our clothes or hair or anything else but this paper. i made the mistake of leaving the room, when i came back in there was a pile of her brown curls all over the floor. i couldn't believe it, she had taken several big chunks of hair out of her hairline on her forehead, her hair was pretty much one length, but not after this episode.

then a few weeks later, she found a pair of scissors and finished cutting her hair, she basically gave herself a mullet. thankfuly she has curly hair and we can work those shorter pieces into whatever hairstyle we do. it was all still long enough to be manageable. although i had to trim up the back to make it look a little neater.

then today she cut her hair with a pair of scissors i didn't know about (they were in my bedroom up on a shelf, which is in this piece of furniture with doors - i think our babysitter's put them up there to keep them out of her reach and she found them), this time just a few strands. but she also decided to cut the tail off of her favorite little kitty cat (stuffed) that she has had since she was a baby. she also cut up a ribbon and a straw and part of a box.

we had to have a long talk again and i am going to have to ban all scissors from our house, they are all up and out of the way, but if any are left out, she will find them....

last but not least....
creative medium #3 permanent markers

she will get a marker and write on whatever and wherever. she has used permanent markers to write all over stuff, furniture, toys, cabinets!! thank God for the magic eraser, it is my very best friend. that thing rocks ~ it will remove permanent marker ~~ if you don't have one, it is a must have. i think i will begin giving them as shower gifts and second birthday presents!!!

all my friends and i agree that she will probably work in a creative field of some sort. and please note these are just a few of the things that my sweet girl has gotten into. i haven't even touched the surface ~ "mess" should have been her middle name!!!

she is who God made her to be. and she is quite a blessing. a busy little blessing!!!


first time at the movies!

yesterday, i took all three kiddos to the movie theater to see charlotte's web!
(there are two local theaters that offer free kid's movies on a few mornings a week.)

one of my friends and her daughter, emma, came with us.

it was jordyn and jesiah's first time in a movie theater.

here are a few pics!!

joshua did great during the movie, but then he has done this several times before!!

jordyn was excited to see her first big screen movie!
that is her friend emma! they did great.
it wasn't until about 30 min. until the end of the movie that they all became a little antsy!!!

jesiah sat with his eyes wide open and mouth open for the
first few minutes after the show started.
then he kept saying it is a big tv like uncle kenny's!!!
this pic was taken right before the movie started chomping on his very own box of popcorn!

a fun outing for a HOT summer day in charlotte, nc

first blog on blogspot!

just posting my first blog here on blogspot. my original blog is on myspace but i am going to move it over here so i can upload and share photos and what is going on around our house, so our family and friends can keep up with our steady pace of life ~ and won't be able to miss a beat!!