cast away...

today, i found this post on one of my favorite blogs. it spoke volumes to me and i was leaving her a comment, i thought i should post a link to her post on my blog. i think a lot of other moms/women will really relate to what this blogging momma, steph, is talking about!

1 peter 5:7 was referenced in her post. it was very refreshing to be reminded that He wants us to cast all our anxieties to Him so He can bear them for us. often i carry around so many things in my heart and it becomes so heavy. such a burden. it may not be one big thing, just a bunch of little stuff that on top of all the other responsibilities i have, i am completely weighed down and worn out. and honestly i don't even talk about them much because they are so insignificant in the scheme of things.

to be reminded that i don't have to keep all of my fears, anxieties, worries and burdens inside of me, i can lay them at His feet and walk away knowing He cares for me and will take care of me. it is so freeing to release it all and focus on who He is calling me to be; a servant, a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter, and a friend.

bows & bottoms...

small bow

big bow

bottom's up:
jaelyn has been flipping herself over in her crib when she is putting herself to sleep. she gets stuck and can't get back over.
poor baby, she gets so mad and i have to go in and flip her back over.

and her fashionably cute bottom...

jaelyn is wearing her first pair of jeans!! aren't they so cute? i have put off dressing her like a "big girl" for quite some time. usually she wears more baby like outfits. but every once and awhile i will put her in her little jeans!! and look at her little mary jane socks!!!

oh, she also has a little bigger bottom...
jaelyn is outgrowing her size 1 diapers, so i am moving her into size 2 diapers.
leaks and blowouts are happening too much.


blessed with...

two girls...

two boys...

who are my favorite four!!


pray for stellan...

Prayers for Stellan

you can check out this blog for the full story, this little baby boy needs your prayers! you can click on the picture it should take you to mckmama's blog!

wednesday already?

the lack of blogging must indicate a busy week so far and it is only wednesday - wow. my big kids are home today because of parent/teacher conferences. i have already been to the school and back for ours. jamil was able to go into work late and i was able to get early morning back to back conferences with our teachers. these days off are a balancing act. the kids have off of school yet they can't come to the conference with me. could you see that, trying to hold a serious adult conversation with four kids in tow? no way.

too bad it isn't nicer here today, i guess we will be inside for the most of it. it is only suppose to be around 50 degrees and cloudy - yuck. i am ready for consistently warm spring days!

my girlfriend's getaway was a great time!! what a nice break. i did have jaelyn with me and she didn't sleep so great that night, but we made it through! it was wonderful to be with a great group of friends and have meaningful conversations. when we are together we don't lack in that area. and our conversations are very fun, deep and challenging. unfortunately, i did not get a picture, not even one. i took my camera it just never made it out of my bag. i am so bummed. there were three babies there and we didn't even get one shot of them together - so sad. there is a great dinner picture on my friend, heather's blog, you can check it out here.

during my 24 hours away, i did a lot of thinking during our conversations and during my drive to and from. i returned home feeling very challenged and knowing i had some decisions to make and things i wanted to change about myself. i just love how God works even on a trip away!!

last week, i started going to the ymca to work out. i have not been there to work out since i was about 20 weeks pregnant. yeah, wow, so like 10 months. at the ymca, they offer a class called moms on the move, it is for prenatal and postnatal moms. i started in that class when i was pregnant with joshua - nine years ago. i have taken the class during all of my pregnancies and for some time after the births of my babies. the instructor, heather, has always been the same. when she saw me last week after not seeing me for 10 months, she was glad i was back and ok. she was worried something might have happened since i didn't come back for so long. that is unlike me. but life just got ahead of me and i made no time to go. anyway, i am back to going to that class twice a week. once i make that consistently perhaps i will add another day to work out. i always love how i feel when i am working out (minus the initial soreness) - i have such a tremendous spurt of energy!

yesterdy, i attended the work out class and i went to aldi's. that is a big day for me. i haven't been grocery shopping since before jaelyn was born. we have been using the express lane/online shopping at harris teeter, which i love. but i have such a strict budget and we don't get as much food as we do when i hit aldi's. you can not beat their prices. there are a few items, like their bread and macaroni and cheese that i don't care for. but most everything else is fabulous. this morning i ate a bowl of crunchy granola raisin bran from aldi's. oh my gosh it is fabulous!!

i am not a breakfast eater, but i do like cereal. one of the things i have been trying to do for myself in addition to working out is to make myself eat something in the mornings. there are days that go by when i have had very little to eat. and that has to change because by the late afternoon i am grumpy and hungry. and i am sure it can't be so good for my milk supply with a nursing baby. so i have been trying to eat better and drink more water.

speaking of my sweet nursing baby, i have been working to get her into a better schedule. i have been really laid back and just letting her do her thing. which has been great, i have enjoyed every second of holding her and loving on her. but now that she is going on six months (sob!!!) i thought i would start letting her go to sleep on her own and be more conscious of her nap and bedtime schedule. jaelyn is such a good and easy baby!!! she is doing great. i will post more about her schedule later, probably on her blog!

i anticipate the rest of the week will probably fly by too! i really need to get some things done around the house, i have several projects that i want to complete and i really need to deep clean my house!! i am so ready to open up the windows and clean away. now, i just need some sunshine and a day to do it!! it is so hard to balance every day chores with big projects to be done as well as keeping up after four kid's, a hubby and their schedules. so, as i close out, i am wondering how do you all do it? what are some tricks that you use to be able to get things done?? please leave a comment with your balancing techniques!!!!


baby legs and bumbo seat...

i just can't get enough of this cutie patootie!!!!


and we are off...

girlfriend's getaway
carolina beach

today, i am heading off for a girlfriend's getaway! i am going to be spending friday and saturday with some of my very favorite girls!! i am so looking forward to getting away and having some adult conversation!

the picture above is from our beach trip in september, i was a very prego girlfriend - just weeks away from jaelyn's birth. this time jaelyn will be with me. two of my girlriend's who didn't make the beach trip will be coming to this lake trip with their new baby girls!! we are introducing our girls to this girlfriend getaway!!! so jaelyn will have some playmates!!!

so i will be back on monday with a post and hopefully some pics!!


out and about (in the rain, i might add!)...

i just got finished putting a corned beef and cabbage meal together (in the crockpot) on this cloudy dreary st. patrick's day. the baby is still asleep although jesiah is ready to go as usual! i am really hoping that we will see some sunshine soon. it has been raining for like four days straight. ugh. it seriously affects my mood when it is not sunny. i wish it would just rain at nights and be sunny all day. i am feeling like i should build an ark ! i especially dislike the rain, when i have to be out and about in it. and for the momma of four who has been staying close to home over the last few months, i have been out a lot lately...

i already told you about my big night out with my sister on friday - so fun!!! it was weird to get a pedicure on a cold and rainy night. i am sure that people thought we were crazy wearing flip flops to sushi 101. but we couldn't mess up the pedicures.

on saturday afternoon, we had a babysitter watch the three big kids and jamil and i did some shopping for him. we had jaelyn with us and she did so good being out and about in the rain!!! we found some great deals at marshalls (the one at blakeney is packed with stuff - atleast for men and kids!) we were able to get him a couple of shirts and a couple of pairs of jeans! he really needed some new clothes - now he will be looking good!!! after we went shopping we ate dinner at chili's!! we did all of this on saturday to celebrate his birthday!!! our first date was actually on his birthday ten years ago and we went shopping and ate at chili's. of course ten years ago we didn't need a babysitter! we had a great time and we were home by about 8:30. it was a great way to do a "date night". we were home in plenty of time to wind down and relax before he had to get up early for church the next day! jamil usually gets up about 5:00 am. this gives him time to get ready and do a little praying and reading before he heads off to elevation to serve with our fabulous pastor!!!

speaking of elevation, wow, what a message on sunday. i probably say that every week. but it is so true, our pastor is seriously and truly on fire. what a man of God!!! he has a true calling on his life and brings the word of God alive each and every week. we started a new series on sunday, the essential james, you can check out the sermon here. the first sermon spoke so much truth and really got me thinking about God's word; unless you do more than listen to it or read it you are deceiving yourself, you are suppose to be acting it out too! (this deserves another post!)

on sunday morning, i actually made it to the 10:00 service with all four kids dressed and ready (looking pretty cute i might add- the kids, not me!) to leave by 9:20am in the pouring down rain. it doesn't matter that when i got home i realized i had only one earring in all. morning. long. oooopsss. guess i forgot to put the second one in? or it is lost in a rain puddle somewhere.

and what a treat....yesterday, i picked up our wonderful babysitter, johanna, so she could watch the three big kids. jaelyn and i met jamil for a quick dinner and a little shopping again. again in the rain, but the shopping this time was for me. but wouldn't you know it, i found virtually nothing for myself! i found two tops, one at marshalls and one at old navy. (btw.... i hit the big 7 pairs of panties for $25 sale at victoria's secret - of course i had a coupon and got a free pair plus $10 off!). and that was all. it seems that everytime i carve out time and a little cash to shop for myself i find nothing. so frustrating. well, atleast i have some new underwear.

today, i have a list of things i want to cross off and get done. a bunch of stuff that has been on there way too long. we will see how much i can get done today. iit isn't raining but it is so cloudy, a good day to just stay home. although, i had thoughts of heading out to the ymca.

our ymca membership was reactivated this weekend after a three month freeze and i really need to get there and start some sort of work out plan. i am so totally clueless when it comes to exercising especially on my own. it is hard to motivate myself to go. but i know i need to. i think i will add "find an exercise buddy" to my to do list.

my sweet baby girl is waking up and my little buddy is ready to play pirates. so that is all from me for now!


not me! monday

today i am participating in "not me monday" - you can check it out on mckmama's blog if you want to join in the fun!!! i love to hear about other blogger's shortcuts and things they do to make it through the day....so i thought i would be honest and share some of the things i have done lately. or um the things i haven't done, oh no not me!!

oh no, not me, nope.... i did not "loose" three of my four children one day last week while i was doing my thing on my laptop. no most certainly not, they weren't playing in the backyard while i was inside listening to them playing. that would never happen here. i would never let my 8, 5, and 4 year old play outside by themselves and not under my watchful eye. and i most certainly wouldn't them them wander off into to the woods dressed in shorts, flip flops and crocs without me knowing. that. would. never. happen. here.

oh no, not me, nope never ever would i bribe my four year old with a mallomar cookie. no i would never use a sugary chocolate marshmallow cookie as a healthy snack in exchange for his cooperation to get in bed and go to sleep. most certainly not. no never would i resort to such things. nope not me no bribery here.

oh no, not me, no never would i ever spend time during the day watching all those pregnancy and birth shows on tlc and discovery health. no time for that here. most certainly not, i couldn't squeeze in anytime for tv watching! and i would never turn the tv on while i was folding laundry or doing any other household chore. nope never.

oh no, not me, nope never would i talk on the phone to my best friend for numerous hours in a day so i can get some adult interaction. nope never, most cerainly not. i don't need any time to talk to friends after being stuck in the house for several. days. straight. nope never. i am totally fulfilled by the conversations i have with my four children whom are eight and under. most certainly i do not talk on the phone for more than five minutes at a time. never ever.

ok.... so let's here it, what are some of the things you have never done??? time to confess to your shortcuts!!! so fun that we can be so real!!

it's a very special day...

...because thirty three years ago

a sweet, kind, funny, spirited
son, grandson,
and little brother,

a faithful, handsome, supportive, spirit led husband

a fun, energetic, awesome, loving daddy

a man of God with a true servant's heart

was born into this world

happy happy birthday to my sweet husband,
i can not imagine what my life would be like without you. you are the rock that this family stands on. you are truly a man of God loving and serving us and never thinking about yourself. you are the love of my life and the very best daddy for our four children. they love you and look up to you. i am so grateful that they have such a strong man of God to follow and learn from.
i feel so honored to be your wife. i couldn't ask for a better husband. you are so loving and so supportive. i would not be who i am today without the influence you have in my life.
you are my hero.
i thank God each and every day for you.

i hope you have had a very special birthday!
i love you!


a little time off...

last night i was able to have a very much needed night off!!! my sweet hubby took care of all four of the kids so my sister and i could go out! it was the first time i left him with all four. he is a pro and can handle it just fine!!!!

so here is what we did....first we went for a pedicure - so relaxing and what a treat!!! then we went to sushi 101 and ate like crazy -- yummy!!! on our way home we made a detour to target!!!
we spent two hours just looking around. of course i had to buy a few things. including a cute pair of baby legs for jaelyn!

we have a busy weekend planned so i won't have a lot of time to write. but i will be back on monday with something fun to write about! stay tuned and have a super weekend! and if you can take a little time off too!!!


another fun giveaway!!!

here is another girly girl giveaway going on today! go check it out! hmmm...two girly giveaways in a row, i guess i need to find some give aways for the boys too!!!!


hair bows, anyone?

so much fun!!
and so so cute...
if you have a little girl or several little girls
and you love hair bows
like we do...
you need to head on over to this girl's blog and enter her giveaway!!!
(click on the picture above and it will take you there!)
she is giving away some cute pink and green spring themed bows to two lucky winners!!
please tell her i sent you!!

sara beth bows are super cute, super reasonable and
she uses the money she makes from the bows to help with adoption expenses!!!
go. check. it. out. now!

a new day...

i am not a morning person. i don't think i really ever have been. i have to laugh because my name is dawn which means "sunrise" or "day break". you would think that by the meaning of my name i should love the break of day or morning. but i really do not.

what i do love about mornings is that it means that it is a new day. it doesn't matter how bad the day before was, i get to start over. yes a new day, a new beginning, a fresh start.

on those days when i felt like everything was going wrong, maybe i didn't have the patience i would like to have, maybe i yelled too much, maybe i didn't hug on my kids enough, maybe i didn't put my husband before the kids and maybe i didn't put God first. i know the next day is a new day. a fresh start.

on the eve of those bad days, when all is quiet and i reflect on the day. i choose to put the bad day and the guilt i feel because of the bad day behind me and i look ahead to the next day. a new day. a fresh start.

wow, how refreshing! isn't this just like the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. all the bad is gone and we are made fresh and new through Him, because of Him! thank God for sending His Son and our Holy Saviour.

my name now is taking on a whole new meaning. it doesn't mean i love the break of day. it means i love the fresh start of the new day!


wardrobe wednesday...

ok, so i have said it before but i will say it again; i need some serious fashion help! my wardrobe is basically nonexistent. and has been since baby #4 was born. i know i need to do some shopping for myself. since when has buying the basics for myself become a splurge or something "extra"? since i became a mommy of four, i guess! another example of needing to prioritize myself. i put off shopping for myself for two big reasons....lack of time to do it and lack of money to do it. it is hard to find the time and the money to shop when you need an entire new wardrobe. i would love for someone to submit me to what not to wear, anyone?

today, i was so excited to find a post today on this sweet blog. kelly is doing a fun "dress for less" post . if you find yourself in the same boat you should check it out!

ok so i only have a few tips, but i thought if i share some of mine and you share some of yours we can all dress for less!!! please leave a comment with some of your tips for dressing for less!

~ for in between weather...dress in layers: use long sleeve tshirts to extend the life of your short-sleeve/sleeveless tops & dresses. wear hoodies - i love them and wear them a lot!

~ online shop... i can not shop well with kids so i have started shopping online. fyi...i just got a shipment today from children's place, their shipping is always only $5!!!

~ use coupons and only buy on sale... i try to never ever pay full price.

~ set a budget for what you are going to spend and set a max price on individual pieces (example: i will only pay $20.00 or less for a top!)

~ when i am in my "mom gear" i still wear makeup and do my hair - it may be my infamous ponytail but it is done!

those are a few of mine, so what are some of yours...

positively losing my mind....

here are a few thoughts from me today on this beautiful day. it is 74 degrees and sunny! i love it what a difference a week makes. last week we had just come out of a snowstorm and we were having fridgid temps. i would much rather have this weather around, wouldn't you?

i have about had it with the cold weather! i hope and pray it will stay away. i am so ready for spring. i am so tired of being stuck in the house. i have been really really good about staying home a lot with a new baby and winter weather. but i am so ready to be out and about a little more. with all of that said...

i have been stuck at home this week because of a sick kiddo who has strep throat. my oldest has been running a fever for several days. no complaints of a sore throat though. just a headache. today we were at our fabulous pediatricians and our doctor tested him for strep and it is positive. lovely.

we return from our trip to the peds and to target for his prescription and diapers and everyone is on meltdown, including myself. i hurry to give them lunch, feed the baby while talking on the phone to my lifeline. seriously, i don't know what i would do with out my "bff" and our phone calls! i am realizing i don't feel so great myself. i am positive i do not want to get sick! i can't get sick. it isn't so good around her when momma is sick.

so, i attempt to get the boys to take a nap. josh demands he is too old for a nap. i demand that he is sick and must get better - so take a nap! jesiah gets out of bed several times before he crashes. the baby starts to cry, ready for her nap. i am positively losing it. i just want to sit down on the couch and catch up on some blogs and emails. i am positive if they don't all settle down i am going to run away.

finally, i get the boys and the baby to sleep all at the same time! praise God. this is seriously positive and i am loving life right this second. i am positive i can keep my sanity for atleast another hour or so. the house is quiet, i only her the birds chirping and the wind blowing. truly lovely.

now i can have some peace and quiet. pray away my sickness. read some blogs. and figure out why my five month old has been waking up at night to nurse - every. three. hours. she didn't even do that when she was a newborn.

i am off and away to the blogosphere...


a sweet reminder...

just about every day i look around and everything seems to be a disaster. a mess. toys out of their bins. clothes and shoes scattered everywhere. laundry piled high. juice spilled making a sticky kitchen floor. papers stuffed and tucked wherever. books off their shelves. i try to keep up with it all and i am just one person being overcome by four little people and all of this stuff.

i love order and things to be neat in their place. i love the feeling of a clean house. it looks good and smells good. and it just doesn't last long in our house. sometimes i get really frustrated and sometimes i am ok with it. now i have this tucked in my mind and it makes me realize it is ok to let some things go...

Song for a Fifth Child.

Mother, O Mother, come shake out your cloth,
Empty the dustpan, poison the moth,
Hang out the washing, make up the bed,
Sew on a button and butter the bread.

Where is the mother whose house is so shocking?
She's up in the nursery, blissfully rocking.

Oh, I've grown as shiftless as Little Boy Blue,
Lullabye, rockabye, lullabye loo.
Dishes are waiting and bills are past due
Pat-a-cake, darling, and peek, peekaboo

The shopping's not done and there's nothing for stew
And out in the yard there's a hullabaloo
But I'm playing Kanga and this is my Roo
Look! Aren't his eyes the most wonderful hue?
Lullabye, rockaby lullabye loo.

The cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow
But children grow up as I've learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs; Dust go to sleep!
I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

by Ruth Hulburt Hamilton
written in 1958
first published in the
Ladies Home Journal

yesterday, during my bloghopping i found this sweet reminder on this sweet blog!


in command...

about two years ago, jamil brought this piece of furniture (don't know what to call it) home from work, they were getting rid of it and he thought maybe my parents would like it. but when i looked at it i wanted it for us. we put this LARGE piece in our bedroom and the plan was to use it as an office space - since we don't have a room for an office in our home. so for quite some time this piece of furniture was a catch all for whatever and everything.

shortly after we got cable tv, i was watching a home makeover show and they designed a command center in the home. basically an office space not in an office. a place that has the computer, bills, calendar -- the spot where you run your home from. i decided i wanted to make our piece of furniture an efficient "command center". our kitchen counter which is quite large, had become my command center, i had drawers full of papers and all kinds of stuff there. not nearly organized or efficient. so for the last several weeks i have been trying to reorganize all the stuff in the kitchen and put it in the command center. it is taking forever. i am such in the habit of using that space in the kitchen that we continue to dump our papers and stuff on the counter, it is hard to break that habit.

the command center is such a large piece that it is going to hold a lot of stuff: paperwork, bills, laptop, tv, power strip - to charge cameras and whatever else needs charging., kid's schoolwork and photos! so i have been working on finding everything a home, whether it is a shelf, folder, basket or box and then putting it in the command center.

it is a work in progress...


five months old...

jaelyn is five months old - wow!! i can hardly believe it. i say it every month, but really the time is flying by! check out her blog for a few pics and her five month update!

our little buddy is four...

happy happy birthday to our little buddy!!!

jesiah is four years old today!

here is a picture of jesiah only a few days old!!

such a sweet sweet baby!

jesiah is our sweet, full of life, laid back little guy! he just loves to be alive. he is so sweet and tender hearted. jesiah has so much energy. he is always jumping and running and playing. he is all over the place. more bumps and bruises have appeared on his head than any other of my kiddos. he trips and falls all of the time. jesiah can be quite a stinker sometimes. sometimes he will have a mind of his own and he will do just what he wants to do!

jesiah looks up to his big brother and wants to be just like him. he has really missed having jordyn around as his sidekick and playmate. only being 19 months apart they have been playmates and now she leaves him for most of the day. he plays really really well by himself. he loves his baby sister but doesn't ask to hold her too much. since she has become more of a baby and less of a newborn (definitely another post) she interacts with him a lot more - he loves to make her laugh!

he loves his mommy - he certainly can be a mommy's boy. but when daddy comes home - he is all about wrestling with him.

jesiah loves to play with pirates, batman and any kind of action figures. he can often be found using some sort of string, hair band or belt and wrapping around the super hero. then i find it dangling somewhere. he loves to dress up and wear costumes of all sorts.

he doesn't like being to dirty or messy! he chooses to stay away from anything too messy. he loves to cuddle and snuggle. jesiah loves to climb on my lap to read stories or to tell me what a good mom i am. (sob!!)

jesiah is such a joy! we are so proud that God has chosen us to be his parents! everyday jesiah amazes me with the things he says and does. he makes us laugh - sometimes i laugh so hard i am in tears.

sweet little jesiah,

you are such a big boy now! we are so proud of what a sweet boy you are. we know that God is going to do big things in your life! you have brought us so much joy. your love for life teaches me new things everyday. you certainly have taught mommy to just stop and enjoy the day that God has made for us. i love how much laughter you bring to our family. you are an amazing big brother. and a fun and spunky little brother too! i am looking forward to watching you grow and learn this year - your fourth year of life - wow how time flies by! it feels like yesterday that you were born and i was holding our sweet jesiah bennett. we are so excited to celebrate your big day. we can't wait for you to open your presents tonight! your sisters and brother can't wait either. keep shining your light on this dark world!! God is going to use you in a mighty way!

we love you so much!!!


four years ago (jesiah's birth story)...

in honor of jesiah's fourth birthday tomorow, i thought i would rewind in time and write a post on the events and happenings of the day jesiah was born!! my friend, stephanie did this the other day on her blog for her little girl who just turned two. loved reading it!!! i have been thinking that i wanted to post the birth stories of each of my babies on my blog. the perfect opportunity would be to do it on their birthday!!! so i will start it off with jesiah's birth...

some background info...

on july 19, 2004 - jordyn turned one year old exactly a week before and i took a pregnancy and it was positive. just the day before we were coming home from the beach and jamil and i had "the talk", we had decided to wait a few years before adding baby #3. i had been feeling a little different (bloated, moody, very hungry) but didn't think i would be pregnant. i woke up sick that day and knew i had to take a test - just in case. jamil was shocked when i told him that night before dinner.

i decided because of my easy births with josha and jordyn that i would switch and see the midwives in my ob/gyn practice. becauase i was still nursing jordyn, and before that being prego with her... i hadn't had a period since october of 2003!! we had to do an u/s to find out my due date. it was set as march 17, 2005.

i was nauseaus throughout the first trimester. i really thought we were having another girl. to my surprise on october 6, 2004. we saw our little baby BOY on the u/s. we thought he was a she and had a girl's name picked out (jaelyn!) but had to work on a boy's name.

we had two boy names picked out; jackson or jesiah. i continually went back and forth between the two. we even took a poll of our friends and family to get their opinions. jamil was set on jesiah. i was the one who went back and forth. i love jackson but it is so popular. and i love jesiah too.

i had a very healthy and "normal" pregnancy! praise God. i enjoyed every second of being pregnant for the third time! i was really uncomfortable at the end and could not wait to see our baby boy!!

fast forward...

thursday march 3, 2005 ... 38 week midwife appt with hallie! i had gained 29 pounds and measuring at 38.5 weeks. i was 3-4 cm. dilated and 70-80% effaced. the baby was in a -1/-2 station. i was making great progress!!!

saturday march 5, 2005 (the day before his birth)...

jamil had to work that day, i took josh and jordyn to eat at dunkin donuts before we headed off to babies r us for a last minute shopping trip to get some things for the baby. i bought his sweet coming home outfit amongst some other things. that afternoon, i installed the infant seat in our van (a 1998 toyota sienna - sage color). i had been having contractions on and off all day. that evening we had our babysitter, amanda was keeping our kids so we could go out to a church gathering. we joked with her about us not coming home and going straight to the hospital if i was in labor. went to sleep around 11:00pm

sunday, march 6, 2005 (the big day - taken from my journal!)...

~ woke up at 3:15 am feeling really uncomfortable and having heartburn.
~ started feeling really sick @ 4am - contractions started and i was shaking a lot. the contractions were 10 min. apart.
~ called the midwives at 5:00 am and they told me to come in (because of my past history with quick labors)
~ we called my mother in law to come and watch the kids, she couldn't come because she had to go into work unexpectedly. really stressed out about this. so we made arrangements for our babysitter, amanda and her mom to come and keep the kids. my father in law came over until they could get here! it was sunday - church day - and almost everyone was participating in some way at church!!!
~ we left for the hospital around 6:00 am, contractions were 5 min . apart
~ we called my family and my friend amy - she was going to be at the birth with us. she met us at the hospital later!
~ by the time we got into a l&d room and i was hooked up to monitors and filled out the paper work, my contractions stopped (they always do this!!!) and small ones started again around 8:00 am
~ i was checked at 8:30 and still only 3 -4 cm. amy arrived during this time.
~ my midwife, hallie was on call and she arrived after 9:00 and checked me again, i was at 5-6 cm.
~ we decided for her to break my water at about 9:45. my contractions picked up quickly and were really really strong.
~ i labored for a little while in bed, only hooked up to the fetal monitors (monitoring the baby's heart rate and my contractions) i did not want to get out of bed.
~ when the contractions were on top of each other i really wished i would have opted for some drugs or an epidural, too late for that.
~ amy and jamil were really supportive as a was in so much pain and just breathing through the intense contracions. hallie and our nurse, arden were great too. they were so encouraging and supportive. they all worked to get me through the pain.
~ at around 10:30 am i knew it was getting time for me to push, he was really low and i was feeling a lot of pressure. i was checked and indeed fully dilated and totally effaced.
~ i pushed two times and on the third push, at 10:56 am our little jesiah was born!!
~ he weighed 7 lbs 2 oz and was 19 & 3/4 inches long! he was such a beautiful and sweet baby.


who's who (my babies)...

here are the result of guess who!!!

guess who #1 is...

jesiah bennett (the birthday boy)
march 6, 2005
7 lbs 2 oz ~ 19 3/4 inches

guess who #2 is....

jordyn alexis
july 12, 2003
7 lbs 1 oz ~ 19 3/4 inches

guess who #3 is...

jaelyn aliyah
october 6, 2008
7 lbs 1 oz ~ 19 1/2 inches

guess who #4 is...

joshua brendan
october 1, 2000
8 lbs 7 oz ~ 20 3/4 inches


guess who?...

here is the first fun post celebrating jesiah's birthday!!!

below i have posted baby pictures of each of my kids. each were taken on the day they were born. i won't tell you who they are, they are in random order. actually a few of the pictures have some clues in them - so it may not be so hard. so it is up to you to guess who!!! just for fun...take a guess and leave a comment on each of the posts telling me who you think each baby is!!

guess who #1...

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guess who #2...

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guess who #3...

guess who #4...

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birthday boy...

this friday is little buddy's birthday! jesiah is going to be FOUR! i can hardly believe it. to celebrate his birthday on my blog, i have a few fun posts up my sleeve. this morning, i will post the first fun blog - actually it will post as five seperate posts. i hope you will jump in on the fun this week and leave comments and help celebrate our birthday boy!!!


good conversation....

last week i had the wonderful opportunity to get my hair cut and my eyebrows waxed!!! my dad kept jesiah and i took jaelyn with me to my friend, christy's! christy has been cutting my hair for about two years, with a maternity leave break for her ( a well deserved one her baby #2 and #3 are just a year apart!!!) and one for me in that time span. it had been almost five months since i had my hair done. it was so nice to have a little time for myself!

and not only did i get a great haircut, we had very good conversation! i left there feeling very challenged spiritually and full of good ideas and thoughts on many different topics. christy's son, eli and my son, josh are friends. the boys go to school together and have spent time at each other's houses for play dates. christy and i talked a lot about child rearing and specifically about our sons. we talked about goals we each had for our boys, things they need to know about and the things that they don't. we talked about what they should be watching and not be watching on tv. we talked about their behavior in school and the behaviors we desire. we talked about their choice of friends. christy told me about a book that i want to read and have jamil read too, preparing your son for every man's battle.

it was so refreshing to have time for myself and to be around a friend who is the same stage of life as me and has a lot of the same standards and expectations for her kids. i feel safe knowing that when josh is with her and her family, he will be exposed to the same things that he is exposed to at our house.

thank you christy for your words of encouragement, good conversation and all of this while getting a great hair cut!!!


what a week...

that is about all i can say is what a week we have had. it has been a week of yuck! we have all been either in the midst of being sick with a cold, getting over a cold or starting a cold over the last week. so that has not been fun. on top of yucky colds, we have also been under attack.

last week, i created a morning and an afternoon schedule to help things run smoother on a day to day basis. one of the things jamil and i felt we needed to implement in the evenings was time to pray and read the bible with our kids. we do this with our kids but not every night with any kind of plan or discipline. we may read one night & work on memory verses another. with our kids being 8, 5 and 3 (the baby just chills out or is asleep) we thought we needed to create a more structured time of prayer and reading. so we started that consistently this week. and wouldn't you know...

~ josh had a rough week at school behavior wise (talking when he shouldn't be, taking things to school that he shouldn't have - nothing serious but enought to warrant a trip to the principal's office).

~ jordyn also had a rough week at school - she has had the nasty cold and not feeling great - this makes her very crabby and tired. i got an email from her teacher about her talking too much and she wants me to come in for a conference so we can redirect her.

~ jesiah woke up on the day of his best buddies birthday party with a fever of 101.7. our friends' planned this party 6 weeks ago making sure we would be there. so i had to take the big kids and the baby and leave him home with daddy.

~ i have felt very worn out and frustrated with where i am right now. feeling like i just don't take care of myself and everyone else is first.

thankfully, jamil and the baby haven't had anything other than colds to deal with.

what a coincidence that we start a family devotion time and we are really intentional this week about guiding our kids and praying and reading with them and look at the attack we are under.

we shall overcome and continue to thank God for all He is to us. He continues to amaze us and a bad week will not have us question who He is.