a different kind of month & organization...

it certainly has been a strange start to the new year.  i have not been able to get into my usual motivated mind set.  and our schedule has been so strange and unpredictable. with our snow week - the kids were only in school on friday and it was a 2 hour delay, then starting the following week (last week) they had off of school on monday.   mid week, joshua woke up in the middle of the night and he was sick.  he threw up every hour for about five hours, so he missed a day of school.  good thing is it hit quick and he felt better the next day.  jamil and i were placing bets on who would get the stomach bug next.  when you have four kids, these things usually spread like weeds.  the week wrapped up, the weekend came and went and we thought we were in the clear.  until last night - jordyn woke up around midnight throwing up.  she only got sick that one time, unfortunately, she didn't make it out of her loft bed in time and we had a mess to clean up.  so, she is home today and feeling better. 

so, its been an unpredictable month and i have lots of things i want to accomplish and cross off of my list but i just haven't been able to get to them.  my one big goal for this year is to get our house in shape, it has become very disorganized and messy.  i do not operate under these conditions very well and it has gotten the best of me.  we are maxed out on space in our house because of our large family and all of our stuff but also because we have a lot of clutter and things we really don't need.  so in order to get some space back and feel more efficient i am going to be working on really organizing our home. i will be doing lots of research for organizing and space saving - if you have any great tips or suggestions, i would love to hear them!!   this is a long overdue project and i am ready to get started as soon as things get back to "normal"


Jenny said...

Girl...I am right there with you. I have big plans to get things in tip top shape around here too! First on my list is our play room. The toys have taken over!!!!

Hope everyone is feeling better! There is nothing worse than the stomach bug!!!

Melanie said...

First, I'm so sorry about the stomach bug hitting your house...it has been rampant this year & we have had the same thing happen where we think we are in the clear, but then someone else throws up! And, we have also had one throw up all over the top bunk...good times!
Second, OH.my.goodness, I could have written this post! I have felt totally the same way with the year starting off just kind of wacky...and we are trying to focus on preparing for baby & the major thing involved there is, you guessed it, de-cluttering & getting rid of a lot of "junk" that we don't need anymore...it is so freeing to let go of stuff & clear out space! Praying for us both in this endeavor!