delaying the inevitable...

with christmas nearly here and being busy,
because my laptop is down,
and the pictures are in the camera and can't be loaded to the laptop,
because my desktop is slow and i have no patience,
even though, i have a lot to blog about and lots to share,
the guilt of not doing it is so intense and i am frustrated,
lack of time, lack of resource and lack of patience,
i decided to stop delaying the inevitable and post an out to lunch sign like my friend, erin did!

so with that said and the decision off my shoulders... i plan to be back and blogging strong after the holidays, hopefully with a new laptop courtesy of santa! or atleast a fixed one.

until then, don't look for my christmas card and letter in the mail, because they haven't been sent, let alone ordered. they have taken residence with my thank you notes and jaelyn's birth announcements. oh and the christmas letter i planned to write and post here, will be a happy new year letter -- maybe it will make it on here by 2010!

from our family to yours: we hope that you have a wonderful wonderful christmas holiday! enjoy what means most during this time - your friends and family and celebrating the amazing birth of our savior, Jesus Christ.

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4torock said...

Love ya Christmas card or not!! lol MERRY CHRISTMAS and forgot to tell you how awesome your fam pics were- I am sooo getting my baby/fam pics with them!!! :)