a day at the zoo....

on the last official day of spring break, jamil took the day off and we headed to the riverbanks zoo in columbia, sc {along with everyone else in the state of nc & sc} it never crossed my mind how busy it would be during the week of spring break. despite the crowd and managing four kids at the zoo, we had a great time! i remembered the camera but minus the media card, so we only had the internal memory with 21 pictures to take. oh well, here are a few pictures of the family at the zoo!

josh took this one.
this is where the super cool monkeys "hang"
but they were hiding and hard to get a good shot

a shot with me and the kids
right by the elephants, who were pretty stinky that day!
a fashion mishap: yes, i was wishing i had brought my
brown sling and not the black one, ooopss!

joshua showing jaelyn one of the animals,
i can not recall which one

my three big kids!

there is just something about palm trees that i love!

oh, look at the baby giraffe!
my very favorite animal that we saw!
love me some babies!

jamil & little buddy!

daddy & his girls as we are leaving the zoo!

what a great family day!!!


Jenny said...

What a fun-filled day! Love all the pics. Everyone looks so cute!!!

Melanie said...

Well to only have 21 shots, you got some great ones! I thought your sling looked really cute! Glad you had a fun trip! We are going in a few weeks with Jack's class otherwise I'm sure we would have been one of the masses going over spring break...it seems like every other person I know on FB posted something about going to the zoo last week!

Susan said...

Looks like a fun day! Love that last picture of Jamil and the girls... sweet!

Lesli said...

What a fun day and what a beautiful family you have! I was just catching up on past posts and wanted to congratulate you on your mission to become a doula. That is great news and I know you will be an awesome doula! I am an OR nurse but I would love to work in L&D one day after my children are in school!

Jeremy, Holly, and Haven said...

I love your Liberty of London outfits! So cute.