a piece of my story (part 2)...

this entry is the second part of a piece of my story and has a very exciting announcement at the end...

so, i continued to pray over the next few months. not sure exactly how God wanted to use me but know that i was willing to be used how He wanted to use me. it is really a scary feeling to know that God is doing a work in you but you can't really figure out exactly what it is. but i gave it all to Him.

i began a bible study in january and we are reading a joyce meyer book called a leader in the making. the women in this group all have a passion for other women and are in this study to find out how God wants to use them. this bible study and the reading that i have done has been instrumental me hearing from God over the past few months.

in the beginning of march, after watching a few shows which i love to watch about childbirth and babies, i started thinking about becoming a nurse midwife again. i began to pray specifically for God to show me if this is a dream that was mine or was it His. i clearly kept feeling Him telling me "no, not now". in my blog hopping i stumbled upon a few blogs that are written by nurses. and somewhere in that i found a blog written by a mother who was pregnant with her second baby and she had a few posts in there about being a doula. and i was intrigued. and i felt something stirring inside of me!

if you don't know what a doula is, basically it is a birth or labor assistant. she is someone who is hired to care for the mother during the her labor and birth. the word doula means "woman servant". traditionally, this role is given to friends and family members of the parents as a support system. with a doula, she is not only an encourager and supporter, but she is also educates and serves as an advocate for the parents. she is present at the labor and birth the entire time working with the father and any other support person in the delivery room to help the mother during this time regardless of whether she chooses to have interventions or a natural childbirth. a doula does not perform anything medical or give any medical advice.

i had researched this some time ago, but wasn't sure this was for me, i had bookmarked a few websites but felt i was really suppose to go in the direction of the medical field. so after visiting this blog, i went back and looked over the sites i had saved. i began doing research about being a doula and began praying. God quickly and clearly answered my prayers. i felt Him telling me that this is what he wanted me to pursue. things fell into place and i have begun my certification process to becoming a doula.

i am so excited about this new journey that i am on! it feels so great to have a direction and a place to put the passions i have. i can not wait to see how God works in this new journey. there is so much more that i want to share with you about this journey. i will be working on a series of posts that will share this journey. i am also gathering ideas for a new blog that is specifically on being a doula.

so there it is, my big exciting announcement!!! thanks for reading this piece of my story!

being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
philippians 1:6
many blessings ~


Robinsonfam said...

I have a really good friend that is a doulud and she loves it, this is her blog,
http://laborrush.blogspot.com. Congrats and good luck with everything!

Elizabeth said...

That is awesome! Your story really hit home for me. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading about your journey! I will be praying for the whole process!

Melanie said...

What a WONDERFUL story Dawn!! Thanks so much for sharing it! It is so funny because I could really identify with so many aspects of your story...being nursery coordinator & volunteering in many capacities at church, but then stepping back from a lot after #4...loving the whole pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding process...I have often thought I should have pursued nursing (I have an engineering degree.) But like you, know that going back to school is not what God is calling me to right now.
I am VERY excited for this new part of your journey & can't wait to read all about it! Blessings on you sweet one for listening closely & being willing to just wait when God said, "not yet." Again, thanks for sharing your GREAT story...I look forward to reading the next chapters!

Jenny said...

So.........excited for you! That totally sounds PERFECT for you Dawn!! I know you will be a wonderful doula. Can't wait to read more of your story and see just exactly how God is going to use you in this capacity!!!

Terri said...

How awesome!!! One of my friends became a doula in Colorado and loved it. She also taught childbirth classes. She was my doula for Abbie, and it was a wonderful, wonderful birth! She was such a huge help to me that when Jacob came along and she couldn't be there at the last minute, I was totally prepared and his birth was even better. Doulas rock!!! And YOU will rock as a doula!!!! I am so happy for you. How awesome that God has shown you a way to meet your passion without as much schooling and time away from family required. How exciting!!!! I am so happy for you!!! Blessings!!!