a few favorite things...

...from this special mother's day weekend!!

a special night celebrating a very special lady
a surprise visit from my sister for the weekend
a friday night dinner not cooked by me (carry out from pei-wei)
a beautiful and special bracelet from my husband
a day of shopping and eating sushi for lunch with my sister
an awesome worship experience and message at church
a morning to sleep in, arranged by my oldest son who took care of the little ones
a few handmade gifts from my sweet kiddos
a cookout with family
a visit to the hospital to see a sweet friend and her new baby

i hope that you each had a wonderful weekend filled with a few of your favorite things!
i hope you were celebrated well (if you are a mom)
and had a chance to celebrate your mother well!

it was a great weekend full of lots of great memories!
pictures may or may not follow soon :)

love & blessings,

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Melanie said...

Sounds like a beautiful weekend for a beautiful mom! So glad that you had a great Mother's Day & that your family treated you like a queen!