be back soon...

it has been over a month since my last post, i think that is the longest time between posts. ever.

i have often thought of quitting this whole blog thing, since i have not been very good at it lately.

but i found after taking about a month off that i am really missing it. really i do.

i realized as i began writing this today that i celebrate three years of blogging this month. wow.

hopefully as i begin my fourth year of blogging i will be able to come back from this break refreshed and with lots of things to say.

i am sorry for an unannounced break and appreciate those of you who continue to read and continue to follow my blog!

so stay tuned as i plan to begin writing once again.  soon.

**** and excuse the way my blog is looking! it is under construction as i am working on a new look!***


Terri said...

I am glad you are just on a break! I have been on a break, too, it seems... for almost 2 months... I haven't even been reading blogs! Unplanned... real life just has gotten in the way, I guess. I am glad you will be back, though!! Blessings!!!

Erin said...

I was just thinking about you the other day. Have missed you! Glad you are back, sometimes breaks are much needed!

Colleen Corbett said...

I'm right there with you dawn. I just think about how I want to have it for my kids as a journal of our life and a good portrayal of who I am. That's what keeps me hanging on....by a thread.

Because of Love said...

I like the new look