lists making, an olympic event?

if there was an olympic event for making lists, i would win the gold medal! if there was a medal for completing what is on the list, i would probably take the silver or bronze. i make lists for everything. i have this notebook where i write down pretty much everything that is going on. i have lists and notes in there that include, but not limited to:
a big to do list,
a daily to do list,
a menu plan for the week,
shopping lists,
home project lists,
wish lists,
saturday to do lists,
notes on phone calls made (business ones not personal),
a must do before the baby comes list,
notes on showers and parties that i have planned or am planning,
guest lists for showers or parties,
comparison price shopping lists,
and lots of scribbles that my kids have done.

when i bought it about 3 months ago, i chose it because it had three sections and it was a smaller notebook (8.6 x 6.5). i initially started out by using each section for something different. the first section was for to dos and menus, the second section was for planning events and shopping list and the third was for projects. needless to say, it is not that organized anymore and there are just notes and lists all over the notebook and in no particular order. maybe i will perfect a system like that when i purchase my next notebook.

i love to cross things off of my lists, it is such a sense of accomplishment. this morning, i realized that one of the reasons i never completely cross everything off on a list is because there is always something new to add to the list, something more to do!!

keeping lists is like therapy for me, it helps me to feel like i am in control of everything that needs to be done. even though everything is never complete, i can feel like i atleast know what needs to be done. writing it down gets it out of my head and i feel less overwhelmed.

so, i am off to see what has to be done on my list!!!!

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