i am feeling very overwhelmed today. there are so many projects that i want to complete and work on before the baby comes and i don't know where to begin. i am in panic mode that they wont get done in the next 8 weeks. on sunday, i started having some contractions (braxton hicks) and i think they really brought it home to both jamil and i that baby jaelyn will be here before we know it.

i have this incredible desire to get our home completely organized and deep cleaned. today, as i walked around the house and took inventory (by making lists!!) of what needs to be done, i felt panic stricken. i realized i am at a loss of where to begin. there are closets to be cleaned out and organized. i am in need of some creative ways to store a lot of our things. we are pushing maximum capacity in our home and running out of space. once i figure out what stays and what goes i have to figure out where to put everything.

so my mind is on overload with thoughts of where to start and how to get the tasks done in a way that will really work for our household. i am also frustrated because i have very limited energy to complete all this work. i run out of energy when i am halfway through a project. very frustrating.

this week (and probably for the next few weeks), i will be staying home so i can begin to knock out some of these projects.


steph said...

it will get done...it did the other three times remember? i've been thinking about you a lot lately. hang in there sweetie! miss you!!

Patti's Chat said...

It will get done. One thing at a time and what didn't get done - didn't need to get done. You're just nesting sweety! How cute!
You're such a wonderful Mother and no matter what gets done your family will have what they need!

Hang in there!