quick update...

this week is our first full week of school and back into a full routine. early bedtimes and early wake times. the kids are doing pretty good with it. although, getting them to sleep early is hard. they just don't want to settle down when the sun hasn't gone down.

jordyn has really adjusted well! no tears, no whining -- she is happy to go to school!!! she wakes up with a smile and leaves with a smile. and when i pick her up she is still smiling - although she gets really tired in the afternoons, of course right around dinner time!

jesiah seems to be enjoying being an only child! it has been a sweet time for he and i!!! on monday, he was eating his lunch and said to me, "you're a good mommy". it melted my heart!! it was so sweet. and just the words i needed to hear!!

josh is doing well and seems to like being back at school. although, he hasn't liked the homework part at night. he doesn't want to stop whatever he is doing to complete it. but all and all, he is doing great!

as for me, the last week has gone so fast. yesterday, i had my midwife appointment, it is hard to believe i go every 2 weeks now. (i put an update on the appointment on the baby j's blog.) i just can't believe we are coming down the home stretch until we meet our sweet little girl!!! i am excited to have her here! my baby fever has spiked over the last few weeks!! in fact today, i am going to amy's house to watch her kids - so i will get to love on her twin baby girls!! and i look forward to the next time i can hold chelsea's new baby, ashton!!!!

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Tracy Z. said...

Amazing that the baby will be here so soon! I still have things for you - car seat, swing - so we can meet up soon to get them to you!