five years ago today...

i had just begun contractions and was in labor with jordyn! it is hard to believe that was five years ago. i remember the day quite well. in the morning, my mom left to drive back to pennsylvania. she had been here the week prior hoping i would go into labor while she was here. jordyn didn't cooperate, even after my mom made me walk around a park uptown in the hot humidity!! after she left josh and i got in the van to head over to the siskey ymca where we were meeting some friends to take a yoga class and play at the waterpark. when i got into the van, i had a dead battery!! my friend stephanie came to my rescue and took us to the ymca and to get a new battery for the car. we rushed home to have my brother in law install the battery so that i could leave to go to my doctor's appointment. at my doctor's appointment, i was 3 cm dialated but not in labor. we actually set up an induction to be scheduled early the following week on a day he was on call. this doctor delivered josh and i wanted him to deliver jordyn too. i returned home from my appointment and within an hour, around 5:00 pm, I started having regular contractions. that was five years ago today!!

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