beach bound......

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tomorrow we are leaving for the beach! we are taking a family vacation to carolina beach. we haven't been there before and we are so looking forward to it. my friend, teri and her family have a beach house and we are able to use it for a long weekend. what a blessing!!! we will stay there through tuesday. we plan to chill out and have fun with the kiddos!! this trip originally started out as a trip for just jamil and i, but then we added in the kids for some extra fun!!! no really, we decided to take them because we were not sure if we would be able to make it to our beach trip to the outer banks this year. we go each year with my grandparents and my mom. a week ago my grandfather had hip surgery and at first his doctors didn't want him traveling but he is doing so well they said he should go!!! when we thought the trip was off - we decided to take the kids to carolina beach and jamil arranged his schedule at work to have a few extra days off. so because of that arrangement he can't take off both sets of days. so i will go to the outer banks with my mom and the kids!

all of that to say... we are going to the beach through tuesday and then we will be home for two days and leave again on next friday for the outer banks!! i love the beach and i am looking forward to having some good times with jamil and the kids!!!

my posts have been very far and few between and will continue that way until we get back from the beach - i don't think i will do much blogging there - i am going to take a break. i hope when we get back from the beach i will have a new found love for blogging again. i haven't been having as much fun with it as i once did. i hope when i return i will enjoy it again and be able to post some worthwhile stuff!! i was talking to my friend, jess about blogging a few weeks ago and was sharing with her how i felt like i was in a slump. she was a great encourager and gave me some good ideas so that i can press forward. so perhaps while i am "on vacation" i can use the time to get motivated to improve my blogging!!! so for now i will be on a blogging break!!!!

oh, notice the quotes around on vacation. i always have to do that b/c you know as a mom we are never "on vacation" when the family is around!!!! but still it will be a great time!!!!

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Patti's Chat said...

I'm missin' you girl! You must come home!!!! :))