laptop down...pictures found!!!!!

ok, so it seems like there is always good news with bad news! a few months ago, my laptop (refraining from calling it precious here, since it isn't a breathing thing) crashed and i lost everything. and i mean everything i had saved on it -- pictures, passwords, saved blogs, etc.
well, bad news first... is that my laptop just hasn't been the same since it crashed it does a lot of crazy things. after it crashed a friend of jamil's restored part of its hard drive so it worked somewhat. well the other day it wouldn't start up at all. jamil is working on installing another hard drive. so for the past few days, i have been using our old desktop. well, this morning i was posting on baby j's blog and i was looking for a certain picture of josh - from 2000 - when he was born and started looking through the desktop's files and i found all of 2007 - the whole year i had been missing!!!!! i am so excited!!! now i am just without the first part of this year - jan - april 2008.

i am praising God for this find!!! i know i looked on this desktop a month ago in search of these pics and couldn't find them - but now they are here!!!!

now, i am praying for my laptop to start working and be reliable again!!!

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