happy 5th birthday jordyn!!

on july 12 2003 at 12:27 am,
jordyn alexis made her way into the world.
she weighed 7lbs 1oz and was 19 3/4 in long!!

jamil and i left for the hospital around 9:30 pm on july 11, after we had josh in bed and someone to watch him. by the time i got into the hospital and into a room at 10:30 pm my contractions had stopped. fearing they would send me home, my doctor decided it was best that i stay because i had made progress since that afternoon at my appointment - i was 6 cm dialated.
instead of giving me pitocin, my doctor broke my water. by 11:00 my contractions resumed. and my midnight they were very frequent and very painful. at 12:27 am -- jordyn was born!! i was so excited to meet our little girl!

jordyn on her first birthday!!!
such a sweet girl!

jordyn was a little tiny girl on her first birthday - i can't get over how much hair she didn't have at this time!!! it was around this time that we found out we were expecting baby #3! and she would be a big sister!! crazy to think she would be a big sister.

jordyn on her second birthday!!!
pretty in pink and look at her hair!!!

jordyn's hair really grew in a year! she was already a big sister by her second birthday - she was so little to have such a big title. she was a great big sister - see her holding jesiah's pacy. she would always tell us " 'siah crying!"

jorydn's third birthday!
a little princess!

jordyn loves to dress up and be a princess!! she is a girlie girl! and honestly i love it!!!
she had her friends over for a princess party and she is ready to get the fun started!!!

jordyn's fourth birthday!!
her favorite way to pose for the camera started here!!

every year after jordyn was born, we celebrated her birthday at the beach until this year! she started doing this pose last year on the beach. and as you will see she still does it!!!

jordyn's fifth birthday!
such a little diva!!

since our beach trip was cancelled this week, we threw together a "little" cook out for our closest friends and family. one highlight of the day was that my sister was here to celebrate!!!! she bought jordyn this tiara, sash and wand!!!! here she is posing before her party started!!!!

it is really hard for me to believe that she is five years old. wow. she will start kindergarten in two weeks, and i am really not ready for her to go. she is ready - mommy is not. i will really miss her. i am having a hard time thinking about taking her on her first full day!!! i know she will love it. she is excited to go, although i think it may be a hard transition for both of us!!

jordyn is a very sweet girl. she certainly has her moments when she can be quite demanding and very dramatic. she loves to be the center of attention. she is very kind to others, unless she isn't getting her way. things go much smoother if she gets her way. but who has their way all of the time. we have seen a lot of maturity in jordyn over the last few months. she is content to play with her barbies, dolls or dress up. she causes little trouble, unless she is getting into something she isn't suppose to!!! jordyn is very compassionate and already has a heart for Jesus! she says some of the sweetest prayers at night!!! she loves pretending she is a mommy or a doctor. jordyn is really excited to have a baby sister in a few months!!!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday to the princess!! love, auntie stephanie

Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday,Jordyn! I am so glad we got to celebrate with you on your birthday! And it's been great fun watching you and Anagrace grow up together these past 4 1/2 years! You are a special girl!
We love you, the Prevette family