to my laundry room floor ~ sorry it has been six weeks and 2 days since i have seen you! i saw you briefly one day last week and by that night you were covered again. i hope to see you soon!

to the thank you notes that are still blank ~ you have been staring at me for weeks, i promise you will get written and sent out to our wonderful friends and family who have blessed us so much during this time. it will be a big day when you finally meet the postman!

to both of my eyebrows which are in serious need of a waxing or a plucking ~ i am sorry you look the way you do, but i hope you are enjoying your time together! one day soon you will see the tweezerman again.

to the four sets of clean sheets waiting to be put on our four beds ~ i promised you weeks ago that you would replace the old dirty sheets, thank you for being patient and not giving up on me. although if you could magically come out of the closet and replace the old ones that would be great! oh and don't be jealous that the baby's crib and pack n play sheets have been replaced more than you.

to our wonderful (and newly paid off!!) honda odyssey ~ one day you will get the detail you deserve!! a wash, wax, oil change, tire rotation and vacuum is the least i can do for you because you have been so faithful in getting our family everywhere we need to go and doing it so safely! i am sorry you may have to wait another six weeks or so.

to our three bathrooms ~ i am so grateful to have three of you! but then there are days i think it would be easier to just have one.
i am sorry toilets that you are dirty and need a good cleaning.
i am sorry floors that you are dirty and bare, one day i will get the rugs to cover you again, when they are done keeping the laundry room floor company.
mr. shower stall - i really don't like cleaning you, i think you are a pain but i am sorry we have yet to fix the crack on your floor
garden tub - you have been a lifesaver and i have enjoyed the long hot baths and hanging my clothes over you - one day you will get a good cleaning.
kid's tub - you will get clean one day when i have the energy to take all of the bath toys out of you.

to the mountains and piles of paperwork ~ you are there faithfully taking up counter space and when you aren't there you are being hidden from our guests in a drawer. one day you will get organized and put where you belong. until then i will just tear through the piles in a panic when i realized i forgot to pay one of your bills or complete an assignment off of a teacher's note.

to be continued (maybe)...


Jenny said...

This is too funny and I can so relate!!!! Hang in there...holding and snuggling with our new born babies is the priority right now! The laundry will get done- there's always tomorrow!!!

steph said...

(i tried to leave this on jaelyn's site, but i couldn't without a blogger id)

so cute! the one of her in just a diaper reminds me of baby joshua! :-) hey, it looks like i will not be coming in december...i kind of forgot that was caden's birthday and i don't have any free weekdends. having a job can suck. but i am hoping to try to come towards the end of january. hopefully i'll see jaelyn before her birthday!! i'm sorry. miss you!