baby daze....

i have been at a loss for what to write on this blog lately. i guess because i have been in a baby daze for five weeks. pretty much all i think about and all of my activity has to do with the baby!! i am using her blog to keep up with stories and pictures all about jaelyn! this is my attempt to "scrapbook". i have actually thought about creating one for all of my kids - since my scrapbooking is so far behind and who knows when i will get caught up!

anyway, i have been really good at posting on jaelyn's blog. in fact i just posted several posts today! but not so much here. sorry. my next post here will be an apologetic post to all the things/people i have let go and forgotten since beginning my baby daze five weeks ago!!! although by the time i get to it, it will have been six weeks!!! stay tuned... now i must go, the baby is ready to eat!


Melanie said...

Thank you for your prayers and your comment on my blog. Your family is so beautiful.

Christy said...

Yes I would love to get together sometime also. Fridays are usually good for me... we have so much going on in the beginning of the week with Lilly doing play and speech therapy.
Enjoy that new little one... you know how fast they grow up!