four little turkeys...

the day before thanksgiving somehow i managed to have the kids make a little craft. we made glow turkeys. they were really easy and really cute! i found the directions in a family fun magazine. here is a quick set of directions for you for next year...

round bubble glass bowls
wooden doll heads
tissue paper
modge podge
hot glue gun
tacky glue
googly eyes, beads or pom poms can be used
battery operated tealight candles

~using hot glue gun, attach the wooden doll head for the turkey's head
~coat the outside of the bowl with modge podge, put a layer of different colored tissue paper, once covered coat again in modge podge also cover the wooden head
~make a beak and gaggle and glue onto the turkey's head, glue on the eyes.
~ twist and fold pieces of tissue paper to make a tail.
~ let dry
~ put candle inside

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Het said...

I am so impressed!! Three kids home from school, a newborn and you were able to pull off a craft! Happy late Thanksgiving to you my friend!