one day at a time....

it has been six weeks and two days since our little angel was born. i am enjoying every second of my sweet baby girl! i have enjoyed the maternity leave i have been taking. i am so glad i have slowed down. i have not jumped back into much of anything. most days i just do what i have to do. most nights i can't wait to get to bed even if it is only a few hours at a time. (over the last two weeks i have been able to sleep five to six hours. but i still am drained)

there are days when i feel like i am coming out of the "baby daze" and ready to get back in the swing of things. sometimes, i feel a little more back to myself(i don't dare say normal!) and have things together. and then there are days when i can't even think straight. i feel like i am losing my mind. most days don't go as i plan. so i think i might give up trying to make a plan. so many things have been forgotten and so many things don't get done. sometimes i get frustrated and overwhelmed, most days i am too tired to care! i can't complete sentences or comprehend a thought, let alone write anything on this blog. in fact i have had many ideas on for posts and then when i have a chance to write one, i have forgotten my idea. sometimes i wonder if i am permanently damaging my older kids because i feel like i am neglecting them, then the guilt sets in and then the tears begin. i know it will get better and it will get easier. until then i just take one day at a time.

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