has it really been a week since i have posted something here? uggghhh! this week has gone by super fast. by the way, if you read my blog on google reader or bloglines (or something like that), it will go completely unnoticed to you that i have indeed been on here updating our pictures! so you will have to go to the actual blog to see the new pictures i have added, so go check it out!

speaking of our new family pictures, when i look at them, i just stare at them and am amazed at how each image captured so much about our family and about each of our kids. i can't get over how much older each of them is looking. (and acting too! - as i scream inside, please stop growing up so fast!!!) each of their sweet faces has taken on a new look. baby faces are fading away and being replaced by more definition and less chubbiness!

i am filled with joy and feel so blessed to have such an amazing family (and amazing photographers who captured all of this!) i am amazed at how God created each one of my kids and my husband. how he has knitted us together and made our family what it is! i do not take for granted how special each member of my family is. i am so thankful for each little personality that is represented in each one of my kids. and i am so thankful for such a Godly husband who is leading our family and these kids who are so real and so full of personality in an amazing way.

i get overwhelmed thinking about how blessed i am and completely captured by it!

candice and daniel did such a fabulous job on capturing so much about our family! thanks guys! you do an amazing job and i am so thankful for you!!

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