we made another beautiful mess...

a few weeks ago, we had another fabulous family photo shoot with the amazing daniel and candice lanning (the beautiful mess). i am so excited about our newest set of family pictures. we have such a great time getting our pictures done! seriously. the kids love love daniel and candice and they actually look forward to spending the day with them!! it didn't use to be like that when i would take them to a studio. they would fuss and never cooperate. forget about a good picture no matter how much i would bribe (reward!) the best thing about the lannings is they let my kids be themselves. they let us be a family and they capture such great images!!

some of our pictures are posted on their blog and on my facebook page. but that is really just a few of them. (i will post more of them later.) if you go to the blog, please please pretty please, leave a comment on their blog and let them know what you think of their amazing talent! they are going to give us an incentive for the number of comments we generate on their blog! so fun, but truly from my heart, i just want to send traffic their way! the are so talented and they are growing an amazing business by doing what they love to do! we love the lannings!!!so please let them know that you stopped by to check out our pictures!! but until then,you can go here. you can also go to their blog listed on the sidebar!!

oh and leave me a comment too to let me know what you think!! thank you! i think you will love them as much as i do!!!


Jessica said...

Love, love, love the family photos! You guys look great!!!!

Daniel said...

you are too sweet! candice and i always have such a great time with you and your family. we hope you get lots more comments! :) hope you all start to feel better soon!