being quiet...

a month ago was the first day of the first month of the new year and as i reflected on the past year, i also looked ahead and made a list of goals for this year. i made goals in several areas of my life; personal, marriage, parenting, home and finances.

at the top of my list in the personal category is to spend more time being quiet. as i go throughout my days, i realize several days have gone by and i haven't had a true time of peace and quiet. i haven't had time to reflect or really think. during each day, my mind goes in a million different directions at a very fast pace. and i realized that i need to spend some time each day just being quiet. time that i can just slow down and spend time reading and or praying or just soaking in the silence!

i have found that being intentional about fitting this into my day (or night - whenever i can!) makes such a difference in my mood and that helps keep our family and our home much happier.

over this past month, i have spent a lot of my quiet time reading the new thru 30 assignments. i have so enjoyed fulfilling the goal of reading the new testament in 3o days! God has spoken to me in so many ways and has taught me so much. it has been a great way to start off the new year and my quiet times!!

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Terri said...

Yesterday Gil took the kids for a walk. I enjoyed that time with no stereo, no tv, no talking...... I know I always tend to have something going on in the background. Being quiet is a good thing. Especially when it brings us closer to Him. Blessings!