mommy doesn't play...

its been a rainy, cold yucky day. i don't do this weather too well and decided to stay home. it just isn't fun carting two little kiddos around in the rain. i had no real reason to go anywhere, so staying home was a good choice! i had planned to do so much today which included finishing up a few posts but somehow the day got away from me and barely anything got done. i guess i made choices to do other things. i spent some time talking on the phone. and i also spent some time on the floor "playing" with jesiah and jaelyn. jesiah asked me to play with him. so i tried my best to forget about my to do list and just hang out with him. he informed me that i didn't play with him. i told him that i really don't know how to play like he does. he is full of energy and imagination. and me i just want to organize the toys into bins and baskets. i tried to tell him, mommy just plays differently than you do. i don't think he got it because in his four year old mind, (almost five!), that is what he does best is play! jesiah loves to play and is so good at it. me, not so much. i hope that even though i didn't play like he wanted me to, that the time i spent with him left a deposit on his heart and when he gets older he will remember the times that i did stop and "play" with him.

oh, don't forget to go here this weekend (before midnight on sunday) and please leave a comment there about how much you love our newest family pictures!!

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Terri said...

I am so much like you! I could have gone grocery shopping yesterday, but decided we would be fine until Monday... no need to go out in the yucky rain! And I also don't play like my kids... Jacob (6) asks, "Mommy, why are you always working." Good for you for making those deposits into their hearts!! Blessings!!