lame blogger lately...

i have been really lame at posting lately. last week we had a little mishap with my laptop and it crashed - we think that the hard drive is done, gone, whatever... i am so sad and stressed out at the same time. all of our photos from the last year are on there. we did back up some but we hadn't done it recently so i think we are missing josh's baptism, jesiah's 3rd birthday, easter, etc. i also used my laptop for everything. you don't realize how dependent you are on a machine until it is gone. for the life of me i can't get into any of my sites that are password protected - unless i remember the password. there are so many areas of my life that require that - elevation stuff, the kid's agency stuff,etc. and to top it off my list of usernames and passwords were saved on the laptop - of course. my email was also run through outlook so i can't access all the saved emails/docs/pics that are in there. i have lost almost all of my email addresses. anyway, undue stress and not at a good time.

i have been really really busy the last couple of weeks. josh is finishing up school in about 2 weeks - which means end of the year everything!!! i have a lot of volunteer work i am involved in at his school and at church. i am also planning a few baby showers. jordyn is having her ballet recital at the end of the month!! so, my hands are into a lot of projects right now. not to mention the regular daily stuff i am responsible for. although, i must say my husband has been a huge help!! he has started taking josh to school every day for me!!!

i am looking forward to a time where things will be a little less busy and slower paced. i have come to realize that there are a few things that i am going to have to clean off my plate. i have realized that i don't ever have time to do anything fun or for me b/c of my overscheduled life right now. i would love to use my free time to blog/write, create some scrapbooks, and do some garden stuff outside. (yes, this not an outside gal has begun to do some gardening - our gardener hasn't been showing up the last 8 years we have lived here!)

so all that to say, there is a lot going on here, i have just not available to write. hopefully that will change soon!!

lastly, i did a very simple post to make our announcement ... so i just wanted to follow up and tell you that we are so excited and so blessed to be having another baby girl!!!! everything in the ultrasound looked great! she is healthy and looking good!!!!

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Jess said...

i personally do not think you have been a lame blogger at all. I LOVE YOU -

i am glad life is about to slow down for you... :)