mother's day weekend...

jamil has so lovingly changed the name of mother's day to mother's day weekend. he realized after being married for more than eight years that it really is a weekend of celebration and not just one day. and boy did i get spoiled this past weekend...

on friday, jamil took the morning off to watch the little kids, so that i could attend josh's mother's day celebration (the celebration was so sweet! i cried the entire time!) when i returned from the morning out, jamil has surprised me and taken the rest of the day off!! he sent me off for the afternoon to get a massage, manicure and pedicure!! it was fabulous. i had an hour pre natal massage at urbanna cityspa and teabar, with a massage therapist that jamil knows from church! (if anyone wants a referral i would love to give you one, the place is awesome and lydia is fabulous!) after my massage i went next door to get my nails and toes done!! as i was heading back to the car, i spotted a marble slab ice cream place - of course how could i resist - i pampered myself yet one more time!! i am telling you this was a pregnant mom's dream come true - a massage, mani/pedi and ice cream - wow!!!

i headed home to do the family thing and then after i got the family fed and settled my sister and i went shopping and out for sushi!!! we ordered a sushi we had never had - it was heaven. i have been thinking about it all week!!!

on saturday morning, jordyn and i went shopping to finish up buying our mother's day gifts. then we picked up lunch on the way home. after eating some yummy subs, we headed out as a family to a nearby park, where we rented a paddle boat for the afternoon! it was so much fun. the kids loved being out on the water. it was so fun and so relaxing. after we did the boat thing, we took the kids over to the park where they played in the sand and tossed the football for awhile. after we left there it was time for dinner so we went out for pizza, wings and salad.

on sunday, jamil and i both had the sunday "off" from volunteering at church. so we were able to go to church as a family. after church we went to the macaroni grill for lunch. then when we got home, i was able to take a long nap. for dinner, my sister cooked the main dish - so her and my parents came up for dinner. i made a strawberry pie for desert!! a home cooked meal, not cooked by me and strawberry pie - yum!!!

i was able to have a very relaxing and fun weekend, thanks so much to my hubby! who so generously gave of himself and took over a lot of the duties so i could relax and not have to cook for the majority of the weekend. i am telling you by the time monday rolled around - i was wishing it didn't!! but it did and we are back in business - it was so nice to have a weekend like that, it has helped me to get through the busyness of this week!!!

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Jenny said...

WOW! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I'm so... glad. You deserved it!