jordyn steals the show...

jordyn with mommy and daddy after the show

jordyn with her dance teacher, miss jackie!!

beautiful ballerina!!

jordyn on stage at the rehearsal!

jordyn had her dance recital for masterpiece studios on may 31st! she loved being on stage and did a wonderful job. jordyn danced with her class in a tap performance (i'm a sheep). and then she danced in the finale with the whole studio to the song 'come to jesus'. the tap performance was adorable. the ballet performance brought tears to my eyes, as it did every time i heard the song when they practiced. her ballet teacher, miss jackie, pulled off a surprise and the whole studio danced to the mom song. it was soooo cute. it was a wonderful production!!!

jordyn didn't have any stage fright at all. in fact for the finale she made her way to the front row and of course in my opinion she stole the show! all of the girls in her class did a fabulous job as did the entire studio. it was a wonderful night!


Patti's Chat said...

Oh my little sweet pea! Jordyn girl - you look fabulous! Ms. Patti is so proud of you!
God has big plans for this sweet girl!

Jenny said...

Jordyn looks so sweet!!! You look GREAT too, you beautiful mommy to be!!