pictures lost....

it just seems lately i haven't been able to be a regular blogger at all. and i am going to continue to blame it on my laptop which is crashed and destroyed (sobbing!!!!). we have been able to save some of the hard drive and reload it with new programs/software - but it is like a foreign object to me - it has none of "my stuff" on it. when it crashed i lost EVERYTHING. i lost the last year's worth of pictures -- including trips, birthdays, josh's baptism, you name it - i lost it. so... i am asking you - if you have taken any pics of my kids over the last year - will you please get some copies of them for me ?? -- you can email them, put them on a cd or give me hard copies. i feel so sad about losing all that history - it breaks my heart. it is frustrating and i can't do anything about it.

with summer here, i have lightened my load quite a bit and i am going to focus on having fun with my kids and getting some projects done around the house. one of my projects is to begin working on my scrapbooks again -- i am so far behind and really want to get caught up!

hopefully, once i get my "new" laptop up and running i can download the pictures i have (of course this time backing them up somehow!) taken over the past several weeks and post them on my blog.


4torock said...

hey!! I am sooo sorry I need to learn how to back up my pics too ( any ideas??? lol)If that happened to any of our computers I think I would be way upset ( I always tell J..... you grab the kids I'll get the scrapbooks!! lol bad I know!!) End of July/Aug gonna try and have some girls over for a scrap night I'll add you to THE LIST!! tee hee take care and gonna email Beth about an icecream date with the kids.... u in??? :)

Steph said...

i know i've got a few that i will send. even some snow video! hey, bring your stuff with you and we can scrap!! love ya!