tag...i'm it

i was tagged by my friend, jenny, to do this fun post!!!! thanks jenny for thinking of me!!!

Anyway...here it goes....

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

Ten years ago in May, I graduated from IUP (Indiana University of PA) with a degree in Elem. Ed. At this point in the summer 10 years ago, I was actually in the process of moving here to North Carolina. I had just accepted a teaching position after interviewing with three different school systems in the area, Charlotte-Meck, Union County and Cleveland County/Shelby. I chose to take a 5th grade position in Union County. So I was in the process of moving from PA to Monroe ten years ago!!!

2. My Favorite Snacks

Right now I am eating a lot of fruit (watermelon, cherries, berries... i love good summer fruit) for snacks. When I snack at night it is usually something sweet like ice cream or some kind of desert!!

3. Five things on my to-do list today

Well, I just got back from a trip today where I didn't have a to do list! But we are heading out of town again next weekend, so I am sure these will be on the top of my list when I make it tomorrow night....

1. Visit my friend, Amy and her new baby girls!

2. Laundry

3. Return books to the library

4. Pack

5. Clean the house

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire

First I would tithe 50 % of my earnings to Elevation Church and then I would complete and go above in our Dominate pledge to Elevation. Second I would pay off all of our debt. Third I would buy a larger house or put an addition on our house. Fourth I would buy Jamil a brand new car of his choice. Fifth I would save money for college educations for our four kids. And then I would use the money as needed to help others around me who need it or just deserve it!

5. Five jobs that I've had

1. elementary school & preschool teacher

3. sales associate at Limited
4. waitress
5. mary kay sales consultant

6. Five places I've lived
1. Wesley Chapel /Monroe, NC
2. Charlotte, NC
3. Indiana, PA
4. Gettysburg, PA
5. Baltimore, MD

7.Five random things people wouldn't know about me

1. I do not like to wear socks, I love to be barefoot

2. I get really anxious about having to pack and go on trips - I love to travel but getting ready to do so really freaks me out - whether I am going for two days or two weeks. I like order and having things out of their place and in suitcases disrupts the order.

3. I don't like to go to the dentist at all.

4. I have a tattoo.

5. I want to be a labor/delivery nurse, a baby nurse or maybe a doula when I grow up!!

8. Five cds that I'd have to take on a desert island

I honestly wouldn't have five, I would have to take my IPOD it is loaded with the variety of music I like.

9. People I tag are.........

Jess, Kelly, Chelsea, Patti, Erin

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