photos really lost...

so tonight i decided to start working on organizing our photos - in preparation to start scrapbooking again. next week, the kids and i are traveling to georgia to visit our friends. stephanie and i plan to do some scrapbooking, like old times!!!! so i wanted to get some things in order to take to her house. i also am ready to look into this digital scrapbooking thing! my plan is to have all the children have an actual scrapbook for their first years. and then for our family albums, i would like to try out the digital scrapbooking thing. i used to be creative memories consultant, and one piece of advice i remember was if/when you get behind, one way to easily catch up is to start working on current pictures and then go backwards.

so, i began looking through our photo cds -- i have been able to locate years 2000 through 2006. i can not find any photos from 2007. and of course, i haven't developed a single picture from that year either at about mid year, 2007, i began to use my laptop to download and save photos. i can not find a photo from before that point on any cd. i also looked on our desktop and can't find any there. i plugged in our little flash drive thing and i thought i had saved some pics on there - no such luck i am so upset that i don't have any photos from 2007 or 2008 to work with. i only have the ones in my camera right now from the last 2 months. when the laptop crashed, i lost two years of photographs and memories. it is just hitting me tonight. i am so devasted about this. all the frustration and tears can't bring those back.

now, i am trying to figure out a better way to download, print, save and preserve our photographs from this point forward. i need a system that works better than what i have done in the past.... any suggestions you can give a really devasted mommy???


Stephanie said...

That is so sad. I am so sorry!

I have started to back up a lot of my pictures by downloading them to shutterfly. That way if anything happens, I will be able to get them and order them. Also my parents can log in and get them, order them.

I thought that you did Flicker. Do you have any on there?

Let me know what you use for the digital scrapbooking. Again, I have used Shutterfly but if you know of anything better I am interested!

Sorry - long comment!

Bradelyn said...

Can you download them off your flckr page?

steph said...

hey, i know i've told you this before, but i download to kodak and then i always have it somewhere else. i've also started using picassa web. i like it b/c it's got some great editing features. did you ever get that video i sent you? we can definitely do some serious catch up work. i know you're sad and i am sorry. :-( i love you!