please pray...

almost two weeks ago, two precious little baby girls were born to our worship pastor, wade joye and his wife, ferris joye. they were born very early at 27 weeks. liana hope joye is the little teeny baby who really needs your prayers right now. she had surgery on saturday and has taken a turn for the worse.

jamil and i do not know wade and ferris very well. but they are a wonderful couple who give so much to elevation church and we love them and are joining them in praying for these baby girls. ferris and i were only a few weeks apart in our due dates. i was actually in the doctor's office and was with them in the waiting room the day they found out through their 18 week ultrasound that they were having twin girls - what a surprise! i left the office before i found out the news - but jamil was at the church office when wade made the announcement! they have a special place in my heart - so i felt compelled and led to write this post on their behalf!

the joyes have been amazing over the last two weeks, their strength and faith in God is what is keeping them going. wade and ferris have prayed and asked us to pray for complete healing for both liana hope and adleigh grace. both feel God has told them that their precious babies will be healthy. they have an amazing story and testimony to the power of God and how He is working in them, in the girls and through this family to other families in the nicu. please read the specifics to their prayers and the complete updates on the girls on their blogs. i can't even begin to rewrite what they are living and feeling right now. so, please read wade and ferris' blogs. and please, please pray for liana and adleigh.

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