fifteen months old...

jaelyn turned fifteen months on january 6. so she is actually closer to sixteen months. but since we had her fifteen month check up a few weeks ago. i wanted to share an update about her sweet little self! i have included a few pictures, i have been really bad about not taking pictures this month. that will have to change!

her well check went great!! she continues to be so healthy!! no problems or complaints, although she didn't like getting her shots this time at all. she did that silent scream and cry, mouth wide open that just breaks your heart - yes, that one. but i was able to easily distract her and it didn't last too long.

here are her stats...
weight 19 lbs 4 oz 0-5%
height 31 inches 75%

she is a little peanut, weighing barely anything, only nineteen pounds! her growth chart continues to go up each time so our doctor has no worries! she is just tiny... and tall!!! jaelyn's carseat is still rear facing because of her being under twenty pounds! and in this picture above she is wearing a little buzz lightyear costume that belongs to one of jesiah's build a bear pets! ha!!

jaelyn is a busy bee! she is all over the place and into everything. i can barely get her to be still enough for a picture. so that is her above taking off down the hallway!!! i see a lot of that these days! ha!!!

although when she feels like it she will pose and say cheese!!

she loves to eat and is usually a pretty good eater. she loves bananas!! calls them "nanas"

jaelyn is a great talker. she says close to 40 words already and is learning a new one each day. she learned this over the weekend...


isn't her voice so stinking sweet!!!???

jaelyn is such a happy baby girl! even though she is more like a toddler, i am still calling her my baby and will for awhile!!! she continues to bring so much love and joy to our family. i am so thankful for her sweet little self!! i can't believe she will be sixteem months in a few days!


Jenny said...

She is such a stinkin'cutie!!! Happy 15 month, soon to be 16 month, birthday sweet girl!!!

Susan said...

She is adorable Dawn! Still thinks she looks like you... And Davis is 4 now and I still call him my baby (and probably always will)...