big stupid prayers

last night, we attended elevation's prayer experience at butler high school. and it was unlike any kind of experience i have had before. it was awesome. it was so restoring and encouraging. elevation is an absolutely amazing church. it has been such a place of healing and comfort for me. i feel so blessed to be a part of the amazing things God is doing there. and i mean God is doing things at our church. last night as pastor spoke and took us back through the history of elevation, which i must note is under two years old. hearing and remembering what has taken place in the life of our church in such a short time was so motivating. it was motivating because the huge things that are happening at elevation MUST be of God. the number of people in attendance at each sunday experience, the number of salvations that have taken place, the number of people who are plugged in to serve and to take part in small groups, the number of lives changed. all of these are big huge numbers. so big that pastor, the staff, the leaders and the volunteers can't be doing all of this themselves. God is working at elevation! pastor has set a specific and HUGE vision to dominate charlotte. and God is giving us HUGE results. the people at elevation are on board and committed to this vision and we are on our way to making that happen.

last night pastor encouraged us all to pray big huge stupid prayers. what he meant by stupid is that they are so big they seem ridiculous and stupid. they are so big that when those prayers are answered that people have to say this must have been a God thing. there is no humanly way that this could be achieved. we prayed big stupid prayers of all sorts last night. we prayed on our own, we prayed in groups of two, we prayed in groups of three to five, and we prayed as a whole congregation. we prayed personal prayers, we prayed for our partners and fellow believers sitting around us, we prayed for elevation, we prayed for pastor and his wife, we prayed for the staff and we prayed for the city of charlotte. lots of big huge stupid ridiculous prayers were prayed last night. when these prayers, which were asked boldly and with confidence are answered those who are not believers will have no other choice but to begin to believe. as each prayer big and small are answered we as a body of believers are just one person closer, one step closer to reaching and DOMINATING the city of charlotte, nc!!! woohoo!!!

i made a commitment last night to continue to pray boldly and faithfully my big stupid prayers. i have two huge prayers that i know God will answer. when He does those around me who don't believe or are on the fence about this whole God thing, will be amazed and will begin to think twice about who He is. they will have no choice, once these prayers are answered they will know that i couldn't have done these things on my own, it would have to be the big and mighty God whom i love and serve.

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4torock said...

LOVE IT! ( BIG STUPID PRAYERS) what a great way to say it!- Take care and keep it comin girl!!