9 months old...

today jaelyn is nine months old.

today, i read something that said she is 39 weeks old.
born at 38 weeks, jaelyn has been outside of my belly longer than she was inside.

today, i love being her mommy just as much as
the day i found out i was pregnant with her
maybe even a little bit more.

today, i think back to the day she was born and
realize how much she has grown.
and will continue to grow.

today and always she is a blessing to me.
she has a way of making life just more enjoyable.


Christy said...

she is just too cute! I want to just pick her up, twirl her around... and give her a big kiss! Love the smile! Happy 9!

Jenny said...

She is so cute!! I just love me some baby toes!!!

Melanie said...

Your baby girl is TOO cute! All of your kids are SO precious!