happy 6th birthday jordyn!

jordyn turned six years old yesterday.

we celebrated jordyn in complete all girl style!
when we asked jordyn what she wanted for her birthday she wanted to go shopping and go out for lunch. such a girl, just like her mommy!!!
so last week, we had the first shopping trip with her grandma and her great grandma. we went to the mall and ate lunch at mcallisters. here are a few of the outfits that she got. she also saw this little kitty at the disney store and fell in love with her and had to have it. of course, i was thinking great another stuffed animal, but there were tears shed and it was her birthday so she got to bring "sparkles" home.

on saturday, my sister and i took her out to lunch and shopping. we went to sushi 101, at her request. it was so yummy!

of course jaelyn had to join us! she is in training for all girl stuff too!!

after lunch we headed off to the mall, where jordyn picked out all kinds of fun jewelry and makeup!

when we were done we stopped at rita's for a sweet yummy treat!!!

on saturday night, jordyn's friend, maddie come over for a sleepover. they had lots of girly fun. jordyn gave maddie a best friends necklace that she picked out at the mall. and maddie gave jordyn a sweet necklace and orange purse (perfect for carrying her offering into elevation!!!) i painted their nails and then we made cupcakes! yummy! we had pizza for dinner and decorated the cupcakes. they watched a movie and ate popcorn before heading off to bed. after giggling for over an hour, they finally fell asleep.

on sunday we headed off to elevation church! we met maddie's family there. here is a picture of the girl's before we left. a great way to end a sleepover by going to church together!!!

jaelyn wore this sweet dress and hat on sunday for jordyn's birthday. jordyn wore this dress on her first birthday and it is so cute that jaelyn gets to wear it now!!! it has the sweetest pair of flip flops with little flowers, but the flowers have started to fall off and become a choking hazard.

jaelyn loves to stick her tongue out like this, because she is getting her first tooth and i think she is feeling it coming in!!!
sunday was a busy day. after coming home from church, we raced around the house getting ready for our family to come and celebrate jordyn! this is my niece, hannah, who i wrote about in my last post!! we have had a busy but fun time celebrating my sweet girl's birthday.

here is a picture of jordyn on the day she was born!!!
it is so hard to believe that she is already six years old.
i wish i could slow time down.

for year by year photos of jordyn go here.

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The Aspenberg Family said...

Hi Dawn!! The pictures were awesome! Happy birthday to your sweet little girl!! My Oldest Madyson is 4 1/2 and is all girl just like your little one!! It looks like you guys had such a fun weekend!!! Enjoy your week!!