ever changing...

once again, i find myself in another new season of life. i am learning that God really has our lives designed with seasons. life is ever changing and full of surprises. just when you begin to become settled or used to what you think you know and can handle, something else is thrown in your way, sometimes it is a mountain to climb, sometimes it is a valley you have fallen into.

as a mom, i am learning that as fast as our kids change and grow so do our seasons. what once was a year ago, is not what it is now. what was given to you and was right for your life a year ago, may not be the right thing for you now. if i make a decision to do something now that doesn't mean i will be doing it in a year from now and it doesn't mean i won't be doing it. God is in control of our lives and He has programmed the course, it is up to me to go for the ride. or put on the brakes and fight it.

i am choosing to let Him plot my course. i am allowing Him to change the seasons in my life.

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