friends, family & fun on the fourth....

wow! we had a busy holiday weekend...
it was full of friends, family and lots of fun!!

on saturday, we went to our friend's, the miller's house for a parade & picnic
we got to their home early in the morning and then walked down
their street to watch the hickory grove parade

my kids are waiting for the parade to start

jesiah & jaelyn ready for the parade

jordyn and her friend anagrace waving their flags...

the kids watching for the parade to begin

our large party waiting for the parade...

watching the parade...
larry & daelyn
w/ jamil & jaelyn
yes, our babies have very similar names, too cute!!!

here i am with two of my dear friends,
heather dooley and teri miller
love these girls!!!

at the end of the parade
jaelyn is ready for her nap

jaelyn slept while we ate a picnic lunch,
after lunch there was plenty of fun and games for the kids

here is jordyn doing the egg toss

group shot of the parent/child egg toss

batter batter baseball
jesiah's favorite!

greased watermelon relay!
go josh!

slip & slide...
weee jordyn loves it

we had so much fun with our friends on the fourth of july. after celebrating the holiday we went home and rested for our next gathering. that evening we went to my parent's house and ate dinner with my parents, grandparents and jamil's mom and stepfather.
(pictures to come!)
it was such a great day!!!

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Jenny said...

Looks like so much fun!!