tiny girl...

jaelyn had her nine month well visit yesterday.
she is doing wonderful.
we are so blessed to have such a healthy baby girl!
her stats show she is a tiny girl;
weighing 16 pounds and 27 inches long
for more about what jaelyn is doing at nine months old...
go here

stay tuned for an update on our cloth diapering adventure!!


Christy said...

that last picture of Jaelyn looks so much like Jesiah... wow... do many people tell you that?

Dawn Massey said...

christy ~
that is funny that you say that about jaelyn looking like jesiah. i do not see it. i have had a few people say that though. jaelyn actually looks like my baby pictures. there was a stage when jesiah looked like me as a baby too. but so far she looks most like me! we will see how long that lasts!! thanks for the comment christy!!

Miss Em said...

I did cloth diapers for my 11 month old since she was born and now switched back to disposible reluctently due to fit and moisture problems causing yeast infections. Not to worry, it is my daughter not the diapers, she is very prone to them. Good luck with them, I really do like the new cloth diapers they are SO easy. Let me know if you have any questions, I am happy to help.