playing favorites..

could it be that i am a indecisive?
or maybe its just that i don't know what i like and dislike?
or maybe i just don't know myself well enough to play favorites?

jamil and i were asked to fill out a really simple survey of some of our favorite things. like restaurants, stores, candy, music, authors, hobbies etc. guess what? i had trouble doing that. big trouble. and ever since filling it out, i have revisited the answers i put down. and wondering are they really my favorites?

and then asking myself, what are my favorite things? what do i really truly like?

it wouldn't be hard for me to tell you about some of my kids favorite things, my husband's favorite things, or even my sister's favorite things. but when it comes to me, i really don't know what i like, really like.

so i am starting to learn a little more about me and a little more about what i like. and even what i dislike. i am revisiting some of the things that i would quickly answer as my favorites, and considering whether or not they really are.

once i get it figured out, i wonder if they would let me redo my portion of the survey? you think?


Stephanie said...

Had to laugh! Working on that same survey! Josh sent it to me and said, "You do it!" I laughed at him and said, "You don't know your own favorite color?" but now that I am trying to fill it out, it is harder than I thought. Have started about 4 times and then moved on. Wonder if there was a deadline?

Melanie said...

Okay, we REALLY are a lot alike! My kids love to rank things & tell me their favorites...colors, movies, etc...but when they ask me, I always have a difficult time! I am often described as "balanced" or "even-keeled" & I always come out in the middle on personality tests...so I think that is part of it, but I think part is kind of like you said...I spend so much time focusing on the kids that, some days I don't know what **I** really like!