i dont know what happened...

i got on my laptop so i could write a few posts and hopefully get one posted today and have a few others saved to post over the next few days. and then i got really sidetracked and had to reply to some emails, some facebook messages, update my twitter and facebook status and creatd an evite for my ladies small group. and than just as i jumped on blogger, wouldn't you know it, jaelyn woke up from her nap crying. and that kind of cry said to me, she will not be content to be in her crib, come get me now!

so i am off to get my sweet baby girl and hope to be back soon! naptimes just go so quickly!!

hope you are all having a fabulous tuesday!!


Terri said...

I have SO many days like that! And time seems to pass more quickly each week. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Blessings!

Melanie said...

This sounds like my day, every day!