it's wednesday already?

i realized it has been nearly a week since my last post, wow, how did that happen? life is flying by like the leaves i am watching outside the windows. i have all four kids home today. and all of them are in their beds for quiet time! somehow they didn't get the memo that today was a holiday and there was no school, and that means they are suppose to sleep in, right?? not so much here.

for some reason, it was someone's crazy idea to have a holiday in the middle of the week. don't get me wrong, i think our veteran's need to be celebrated and i am thankful for them. but couldn't we have backed this vacation day up to a weekend, on like a monday or a friday?

its a cold and rainy wednesday and it does look like fall has reached the carolinas! there are leaves blowing all over and the ones still on the trees are pretty colorful. it hit me this week that it is almost mid november. the holidays are quickly approaching. not so sure if i am ready or not. are you?

today, amy came over with her three kiddos and we started on our yearly tradition of making ornaments with the kids. every year we do some kind of crafy ornament with the kids. this year we did them way early! they are not completed, but they are started. we are way ahead of the game this year. my goal is to have them done by thanksgiving!

it has been an eventful beginning to the week and the next two days are going to be busy too. i have a to do list a mile long and haven't really touched any of it. but there is always tomorrow.

for now, i think i will just curl up on the couch and take a nap!

how are you spending your wednesday?

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