thirteen months old...

my sweet baby girl is growing up so fast!
oh, if i could just get time to stand still...

so i could just love on her and eat her up
before she gets any older!

i am really enjoying this stage!
i do miss having a tiny baby around,
but it is so fun to watch her grow and learn new things!
she is communicating more and loves to play!!

jaelyn is one busy little girl.
she continues to be happy and so sweet!
she is starting to say more words and
she is trying to stand on her own a little more.
jaelyn is getting a little more daring by cruising
from one piece of furniture to another
and not holding on!

as for walking, she is quite content to crawl,
because she can get where she needs to go pretty fast!
and that is ok with me,
i know once she starts walking, life is really going to change!
i'm good with keeping her a baby just a little longer!!

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Jenny said...

She is just precious!!!