plan b...

plan a...
one day last week our plans fell through. bummer. my friend, marybeth and i had planned to get together for coffee and pumpkin spice muffins (from dunkin donuts, ever had one? she loves them and i have never had one and dying to try one) but due to my cold and her daughter's cough we felt it was best to reschedule.

plan a...
it turned out to be a good day to be at home. it was overcast and rainy here. and it felt good to be at home! so i set out to conquer a few things on my to do list. only i chose to do something else that wasn't on the list. do you ever do that? (you can bet i will add it to the list just so i can cross it off ;)

my plasticware is stored in a cabinet underneath the island in my kitchen and it was a disaster, i could never find anything in there.

here is a peek:

what a mess, i know!

while i was thinking about how i could make this space a little more efficient and a lot less of a black hole full of plastic stuff. i remembered i had this out in the garage (empty):

i knew it would fit underneath, because i had used it there before to hold our collection of sippy cups and lids. so i retrieved it from the garage and began to organize my little heart out!!!

so this is what it looks like now:

so much better now!!!!

little miss busy playing with all of the odd pieces that i am going to get rid of!!

now. if i could just get this task completed!
remember that? well it looks even worse now,
and i would die before posting a picture of it!
it is still a work in progress and on the top of my to do list after all of these months!

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