ready or not...

....here it comes!

i am referring to the "c" word.
i know you guessed what it is
and it is probably on your mind too!

it's christmas

i love,love the christmas season! i just love everything about christmas. i love why we celebrate the season. i love the different traditions we have each year. and i love starting new traditions as the kids get older.

even though, i do wait until after thanksgiving to begin decorating and really preparing for the big holiday! i do begin thinking about it earlier than that. its on my mind, but i am not ready to do anything about it.

it is hard to believe it is that time already! we are almost at the end of november! so i can't put off christmas any longer! and that is ok, i am ready for it to come! i haven't gotten the christmas boxes down yet. but i will be working on cleaning and some decorating this week.

we start off our holiday tradition every year by getting our christmas tree. we get our tree the weekend after thanksgiving. this year, i have gone round and round on whether or not i wanted to get a tree and put it up and make it look beautifully perfect just to have my sweet busy baby pulling off all of the decorations. i thought of some different ideas that maybe we could do instead, but none of them felt right. so last minute, we decided we would get a tree and put it up next weekend. the bottom half may be a little bare, but i don't think it would feel like christmas without a tree!! did anyone else with a busy baby or toddler think twice on their decision?

even though the boxes have yet to be unpacked and the decorating has yet to be done. and i haven't even bought a gift. or put up the tree. i am not stressed. i am refusing to feel stress. and i don't want to see this season as a time for stress. i have been doing a lot of thinking about what i am going to truly celebrate this holiday season. and it doesn't have to do with buying lots of material things. it has nothing to do with spending money i don't have. it is going to have everything to do with how i live my life for the one who gave me life.

with that at the center of my mind this season, i can truly say...it is starting to feel a lot like christmas!

there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:
ecclesiastes 3:1


Erin said...

How I love this time of year as well. I have started my shopping and we got a fake tree even though I don't like them that much!! I feel stressed but it is a good stress feeling!

Christy said...

well, we put ours up the day after thanksgiving. with Zach, he is two... we did it anyway. He has had his fair share of "no" being said to him, and after a wrist slap or two he has been fine. The more consistant we have been with telling him we don't touch that... the better he has become. Now, he just runs up to the tree and says "LOOOO-OOOOK, light".

She'll do fine... although I do remember last year when Zach was one... the bottom was more bare... but it was sweet none the less! Have fun with decorating, this is my favorite time of year as well!

Celia Jimenez said...

Amen sista! Way to put things into perspective!!!

Jenny said...

I too LOVE Christmas time! It's such a wonderful time of the year!We put our tree in the foyer this year where it is protected from sweet, innocent, little, hands!
Blessings to you and your sweet family!