the waiting room...

after being sick with a cough and a cold for a few weeks, i decided it was time to go to the doctor's today. the yuckies just were not going away on their own. while i was in the waiting room, i sat in a corner away from everyone else in there. especially those patients wearing a mask. no way did i want to pick up any other kind of germs! i was lucky to be able to go without kiddos. my parents kept jesiah and jordyn while i went on my own. i certainly did not want to subject them to the germs.

as i was sitting in the corner all by myself, i sweet elderly man came over and sat right down next to me. and i mean in the chair right next to me. there were lots of other chairs and he chose the one beside me. at first, i got a little anxious thinking of his germs i might catch or perhaps giving him mine. as he sat down next to me, i noticed, he had a joel osteen book in his hand and a few pictures in a sandwhich bag. he began to share the pictures with me right away. while, i listened to him i turned my anxiousness into prayer. and asked God to bless me or let me be a blessing while i chatted with this sweet man.

he shared his pictures with me of his great grandchildren. he told me his wife was in with the doctor as was his daughter. the pictures were his daughter's grandchildren. the man was in great health and told me so many little stories while we sat together. he was full of history and even a few jokes. he put several smiles on my face. and i thought he was such a wonderful, Godly man. his daughter came out and said goodbye to him. he told her he met me and we were talking. she said, oh i bet you didn't get to say a word. she knew her father was a talker. but i really didn't mind and i told her that. she went on her way. we talked just a little more and then i was called back to see my doctor.

i truly enjoyed his company. and wondered why God had placed this man right next to me, in a waiting room full of other chairs. perhaps i will never know. but i do know was instead of checking my email or sending texts on my phone, or writing out my grocery list, or flipping through a magazine, i put all that stuff aside and just enjoyed conversation with a stranger. a sweet elderly man who had lots to tell and who definitely loved the Lord. i think i might have been the one who was blessed today!

(oh, and in case you were wondering, i have bronchitis - yuck! hopefully i will be good as new after a few days on the antibiotices!)


Chelsea said...

I am so glad that you went to the doctor, got some meds, and will hopefully feel better soon! You may never know how much of a blessing you are to those around you...strangers and friends!

The Aspenberg Family said...

Good thing you went to the dr's! I sure hope you are feeling better soon!! Isn't it so cool How the Lord puts others everywhere we go! SO neat you got to sit and talk with that sweet older man!! Praying for you!