"blessed to be a blessing"...

this was something that pastor has said a few times or more during this season of dominate in our church. i just have to share how i was able to be a part of what elevation is doing to bless others in our city!!!

a week ago saturday, i had the awesome opportunity to be a part of something i thought was amazing. elevation has five strategic partners to whom we reach out to and support. let me tell you about one of the five organizations ~ communities in schools (cis): safe journey. safe journey exists to help keep and encourage teenage mothers to stay in school. i had the opportunity to attend a training meeting in august and i believe that this organization is top notch! it is run so well and the director of the program is an amazing lady with such a huge heart for these girls.

elevation and safe journey chose one deserving family to bless. i was able to be a part of the big day! along with a friend from small group and her teenage daughter, our job was to take the teen mom shopping for herself. not for her little guy but for herself. but that is not all elevation did for the family. i was there as her family was presented with a large sum of money (and i mean large) for housing repairs, a scholarship for college, gift cards for gas and groceries and a shopping spree. this family was so appreciative. after the presentation we took the teenage girl to northlake mall and helped her spend her shopping spree money! it was soooo much fun. i was so blessed to be a part of the day. it was a complete blessing to me to be a part of a blessing to someone else!

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4torock said...

How amazing Dawn- I was once in that young girls shoes and U don't know what a blessing you and your group truly were to her..... The same was given to me and I am sure she will never forget as I haven't - Would love to talk to u about this safe journey organization :) Love ya