gotta love it...

i am going to add a new element to my blog. each week i am going to write about one of my favorite things. it could be a food, place, household product, cosmetic, etc.

this is a little spin off of oprah's favorite things -- although my things will be more realistic to those of you living on a budget like me! often, i love what oprah has on her show, but could never afford what she loves.

so here is what i gotta have...

on my way to ballet and carpool i was driving and munching on some chex mix. not the traditional flavor -- i love the chocolate turtle chex mix. i can seriously put some of that away! a friend of mine introduced me to it this summer and i have been hooked ever since. i love that stuff. if you haven't tried it - you have to!

bonus... if your kids go to a school that collects "box tops" you can clip them off the packages of chex mix!!

so there it is my first gotta love it post!!!


4torock said...

LOVE IT!!!!! I have missed you and your bloggin'- glad u r back !! :) LOve ya

farmersdaughter4ever said...

soooo.....I can claim your vera bradley addiction AND your chocolate turtle chex mix addiction! LOL....what can I say except we have good taste in food and purses! Although I have to admit I haven't had any of that chex mix since we were at the beach and ate the whole bag in a couple of days!...but now I'll wake up tomorrow and have that on my mind! thanks a lot! :) Although, you have introduced me to a few addicitons too....like sushi (thanks to you and Amy!) guess that is what friends are for~ :)