what i love best about elevation church...

last night, my husband asked me what i love best about our church. it was really hard for me to think of one thing or the "best thing". but the one thing that came to me immediately is that our church talks to the talk and walks the walk!!!! so many churches talk about what they want to do and how they will do it. our church not only talks but they do the walking part! the staff and leaders do what they say. and they do it with excellence! the vision of elevation is clearly defined and they use whatever strategy God puts on their hearts to meet that vision. sometimes the strategy changes but the vision ALWAYS stays the same. i love it!

if you haven't seen the front page of the charlotte observer check it out!!! the story is all about the bless back project!!!

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Susan said...

I am so glad that you are once again happy at church and that you are feeling at home there. I am sure that you are getting plugged right in and making new friends at the Butler campus. And you thought moving to a new church would be hard...ha!