detoxing social networking...

i had become quite obsessed with social networking; facebook, twitter and blogging. my laptop was always open, all tabs easily accessible and i would check them several times throughout the day. it became an addiction. seriously, it would distract me from my day. i was finding that i wasn't getting things done and my family was put second to the computer.

not only would i read and follow other's updates, but i became quite obsessed with posting my own updates on twitter {which was linked to facebook}. sometimes, i would even find myself stressing about not having anything worthy to post. like i was letting people down when i didn't post an update.

i started realizing that the more i became obsessed with reading every little detail about every person i followed or was friends with the more i felt annoyed. it took me a long time to identify exactly what i was annoyed about.

then i figured it out, i felt like everyone else was leading this exciting life. and it annoyed me. it appeared that other's lives were just better than mine. they were posting about all the fun they were having, all the friends they were spending time with, all the things they were buying.

some years ago, i got over that "keeping up with the jones'" mentality. or so i thought. but i guess it just crept in and it looks different now. it changed with the shift in technology.

because, i really am content with what i have and don't so much look to what others have. but i found myself discontent with what others were doing and why wasn't i doing it too.

i realized that this feeling i had when reading all these status' brought a whole new twist on keeping up with others. my involvement in these people's life was from a distance and i really wasn't involved. i was "left out". not that i expected to be invited to a party all the way across the country. but i became discontent that my life wasn't "like theirs."

and then i started to wonder, is there life really as good as they are posting about? or are they a little insecure too?

i also found myself struggling to come up with something exciting to post on my status updates. i even had a hard time blogging for awhile. i would try to write something that might generate a lot of comments. which really in truth, i thought would generate lots of approval.

wow, since when did i care what others thought of me, like this? why was i feeling so insecure with myself?

no longer did i feel so secure with who i am. i felt left out.
and worse, i was distracted, not getting things accomplished and putting my family second to the social networking.

i realized that this was insane. that i was reading these things, allowing these things to speak into me and it wasn't good for me or for my family.

so, slowly i began to detox myself of my obsession with social networking. i am still on twitter and facebook but not like i was before.

now, i limit myself to what i read and "who" i allow to speak into my life.

*disclaimer: please note that i am by no means putting down those people who follow and post on twitter and facebook ~ i think it is great if you can keep it in check and you enjoy it. when it gets to the point that it isn't enjoyable, then i encourage you to rethink why you are doing it!


4torock said...

Love it Dawn- I too struggle with those thoughts.... and sometimes feel the need to step back from reading it all from time to time-- and feeling so left out ( silly really, isn't it, but real?!) I am still addicted to checking out everyone pics though!! tee hee!! much love and hope to see you all next week !!

Terri said...

Excellent, Dawn! I noticed the same sort of envy creeping in when I started reading blogs summer before last. How easy it is for idols to creep into our lives...
Good for you for recognizing and naming it. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

So true Dawn. I relate to this and am convicted.

Amanda McEwen

Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

that's a good word Dawn! good to remember!