miss busy...

that is what i am calling her these days.
miss busy.
she is everywhere and starting to get into everything.

it cracks me up that she is starting to pull up, and doing her army crawl everywhere,
and boy is she fast! but, she isn't going from lying down to sitting up, yet.
{although, my sister found her in her crib sitting up one day last week, so i think she can do it, she just doesn't.} i guess in her own time she will. it still amazes me at how different each and every baby develops.

jaelyn is such a sweet baby!!
although we are still having issues with waking at night. we have good nights and then some not so good nights. i could still eat her up! honestly, there is no one else i would rather be with in the middle of the night! holding her and snuggling with her in the stillness of the night is enjoyable. i do cherish those times.

no longer can i put things out of her reach,
because she is starting to pull up and find them.
isn't she so cute??

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