every year, i say i will not do it again, but every year i do.
for about four years now, my friend amy and i have a mulit-family yard sale.
this year is no different!
so this week, i am busy busy getting ready for it.
i am cleaning out closets, rooms and the garage,
in hopes to get rid of a lot of stuff we just don't need or use.
boy, oh boy, do we have lots of stuff.

and boy, oh boy, do i have a hard time parting with some things.
i keep thinking i should get rid of some of the baby gear that jaelyn doesn't use anymore,
but i am just not ready!
maybe next year.
until then, i have plenty of other stuff i can part with.

so if my posts are far and few between over the next several days, this is why!


Susan said...

i know what you mean....every year at this same time i am scurrying to get my stuff together for the consignment sale and every year i say i'm not going to do it....well this year i don't have a choice not to do it. the sale starts tomorrow night and i haven't tagged even one item, i simply ran out of time. hope your yard sale is a great success!

Terri said...

Good for you! I have been planning to prep for a yard sale all summer... still haven't done it. We have so much in the garage that could just go. And the extra $$ would be nice, too. I hope you do well! Blessings!

Melanie said...

We have so much STUFF we need to get rid of, but our neighborhood doesn't do a sale :-( I am hoping to part with a lot of kids clothes next week at a new consignment sale...need to start tagging myself!

Jenny said...

Good luck at your yard sale!